A Padding Filled Show

Episode 15

The show starts with Andeng and Anton saying their goodbyes at the airport.  As luck would have it, Andeng dropped her lucky, red scarf near Anton’s luggage.  As they parted, they exchanged “looks”.

At Anton’s house, he was welcomed by his father’s (Tirso Cruz III) anger.  I’ve said before that my mom looks freakishly like Kim Chiu.  My dad, on the other hand, looks like Tirso Cruz down to the well-combed and dyed hair.

The Lolo wanted to take the kids from Anton because he doesn’t think Anton’s capable.  First of all, I don’t think he can do that.  Parents are the primary guardians.  Can grandparents do that in the Philippines?  I don’t think that’s legally possible unless there’s abandonment or abuse.   I’ve never heard of such a thing.

Anton yelled at Lucas and demanded he prove himself worthy of Anton’s trust.  What?  No belt?

Anton also reprimanded his huge household staff.  Kitty, the youngest daughter of Anton’s ran into the room as this was happening to say thank you for her pasalubong.   Anton bought the talking/mimicking doll Andeng liked in Germany for Kitty.  Chloe is starting to suspect that Anton has met someone.

At Andeng’s house … a huge family welcome.  The kind I wish I’d get every time I came home.  Aling Marta was also there to collect.  Andrew assured her that she will be paid.  It’s implied that Andrew will secretly pay her (with his mother’s help) to save the family home.

Andeng and family are getting ready for a garage sale and found a “mixed tape” that an old admirer sent her.  Totoy is introduced here.  Apparently, he had a crush on Andeng and vice-versa.  They were inseparable childhood friends.

The lucky shawl.  Anton just realized he had it.

He texted Andeng.  He’s trying his best to set up a meet-up with Andeng.  Tracy is eavesdropping on their group chat.  She’s jumping up and down in kilig.  Kinda cheap way to get the audience to cheer “An-An” on.

Anton ended up calling her.  The phone call is kilig-induced.  Anton tries harder to meet-up.   Both are obviously smitten by the other now.

At Celba, there seems to be many who are against Anton.  Yet another problem Anton has to deal with.

At Andeng’s work,  a singing telegram arrives for Andeng.  Andeng is secretly hoping it’s from Anton who knows that her favorite song is Ligaya.

At Kitty’s school play, we see a potential love interest for Anton played by “Betty Mae” (Pangako Sayo).  Anton plays piano for Kitty’s song number at the play.

The show concludes with Good Events finding out that the contract with Celba is not a big as they originally thought.  I wonder if Andeng’s new secret admirer will hire Good Events next.

We’ll see… the story barely moves.  It is immensely padded with fluff.  There are so many unnecessary scenes — from Andeng’s co-workers and family.   It might be really hard to stretch out the story into 80 episodes.  They might consider Andeng outfits to entertain viewers.  Remember when Amor had a different hairstyle almost every day.  It gave me something to look forward to.  I cut my hair short during that time and I always wanted to see her hairstyles.  Bea Alonzo, on the other hand, always wears a ponytail, jeans and a sleeveless top.  She looks the same in every scene which makes it feel even more like we’re still on the same day.  I guess Andeng Agoncillo is not as rich as Amor Powers but still … yeah.  It gets boring.  If the story is not good.  It’s really important that the actors look really good.  Heh.


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