Break Up or Bust

The show starts with Grace mercilessly dumping Anton.  Grace admits she’s not happy in their marriage.  That is a shallow reason when there are three children on the line.  She goes so far as saying she’ll actually die if she came back to Anton.  What the what?!?!!?

Grace leaves and she gets in a car driven by a guy named Ben who I assume is her lovah.

Anton is walking by himself crying.  He didn’t see Ben.

Back in the Philippines, Andeng is also crying.  She’s still devastated by what she witnessed.  Jerold stopped by her place.  Andeng bitch-slapped him.  A huge confrontation ended with Andeng giving back the engagement ring.  They’ve broken up.  Hallelujah!

Many flashbacks leading to Grace’s unhappiness.  So, basically, Grace is a bored housewife who wants more out of life.  I didn’t think she was taken for granted.  Also, Anton writes songs.  Nice!  They are really turning him into a dreamboat.

Anton came home to tell his kids their mom’s not with him.  Sad times.

Andeng came home and told her family that Jerold cheated on her and they broke up.  More sad times.

Short episode.




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