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The Story of Us stars Xian Lim and Kim Chiu.

Xian Lim and Kim Chiu are chinito and chinita.  They are both beautiful chinito and chinita.  I looked them up because I have this annoying habit of thoroughly googling celebrities I find interesting.

Xian Lim.  This guy is HOT.  He is 6 foot effing 2.  You know this guy would stand out in a room full of Filipinos.  He is tall.  He is fair-skinned.  Beautiful complexion (I see no traces of pimple-faced teenager from this guy).  Well-defined, chiseled jawline. That’s just Xian Lim’s appearance.  The guy is also very talented — a virtuoso.  I saw a video on YouTube that claims he plays 17 musical instruments.  Here’s my guess on that.  He tried to play 17 instruments, he is not adept on all of them.  He just, at some point, tinkered. Then a writer or maybe a publicist thought it’s more impressive to claim knowledge of 17 instruments.  In which case, I know about 17 too. I was in the school band.  Heh.

What he is lacking in personality, he makes up with oodles of talent.  Now, just because I said he is lacking in personality doesn’t mean I know him.  I don’t know him personally.  I just looked him up extensively.  I might be considered a stalker by some.  BTW, I live in California so before you start worrying about a XianLimCrazyStalker, I’d like to tell you that.  I’m not the stealthy telescope from a distance kind of stalker.  I’m the kind that will read everything I can about my “idol”.  He has a nerdiness about him that I find endearing.  Nerds are intelligent enough to know opinions that matter and those that don’t.  Because of this, he might come off as a bit arrogant.  He’s not arrogant at all just smart.  He’s funny and apparently very thoughtful.

I’m a fan.  Probably not the kind he’d be proud of because I’m not a fan of his girlfriend.  I only like half of the KimXi tandem.

I’ve seen Xian play piano, guitar, trombone and one of those keytars.  Seeing him play piano and guitar is something else.  I hope he makes a movie that showcases this talent.

I saw a Taiwanese film called “The Secret” starring Jay Chou.  I believe he wrote, directed and starred in this movie.  The premise is based on what Jay Chou always says about music — that music can transport you to any time.  He sees pianos as time machines he can use to play from classical music to hip hop.  I won’t give away the twist in the movie but here is one of my favorite scenes.  It was a piano duel where the winner gets a much vaunted piano piece.  Start at 3:04 if you want to quickly jump to the clincher.  I’m more of Jay Chou fan than a Xian Lim fan.  Probably because Jay Chou actually showed on live TV how he composes music and it’s pretty impressive.  He would ask anyone to give him a key or play random keys on the piano.  He would take the first few notes, repeat it over and over until he comes up with a much more beautiful melody but the random notes are still there.   He would then ask anyone to come up with the lyrics.  His music also covers a wide range.  He writes ballads, hiphop, rap, classic, rock.  Just google the guy even if you don’t understand Mandarin.  Melodies are smooth and beautiful.  If you understand Mandarin, even better.  His lyrics are meaningful and worth mulling over.

Or my other favorite pianist/guitarist/actor — Hugh Laurie.  Usually, he is funniest with bro-mances.  First was his pairing with Stephen Fry in “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” and of course, his famous bro-mance in “House MD”, Robert Sean Leonard.  Why do Philippines focus on love teams so much?  What about a comedic duos?  Anyway, here’s my favorite song from “A Bit of Fry and Laurie”

A bit of Fry and Laurie – There ain’t but one way by Fouithebrave

And like Xian Lim, Jay Chou was raised by his single mom and his grandmother. He wrote them both songs. This one’s for his mother. The one for his grandmother is rap (also good… his cute cousin also raps in that one … didn’t Xian post some videos on YouTube singing with his cousin?).  Xian Lim should write a song about how children should treat their mothers also. Filipinos will love that stuff — anything about love and/or family.

Xian Lim can follow in Jay Chou’s footsteps.  No? I think he can. Jay Chou has a prolific international career.  He starred as Kato on the modern day American Film, The Green Hornet.  He didn’t even speak a lick of English.

Russell Wong
Russell Wong

Xian Lim also reminds me of young Russell Wong without the evil.  Russell Wong from The Son Also Rises — not Joy Luck Club or anything after.

Xian Lim.  Handsome.  Talented.  SEKSEEEEY!!!!  Silky-smooth, velvety voice.  Voice that will melt your heart and undress you at the same time.

Kim Chiu.  Really cute.  She has a funny charm about her.  What I know of Kim Chiu is that she won PBB Teen back in 2006 or 2007.  I saw some of it.  Two words.  Multiple surgeries.  Nose job.  Definitely.  Although, as much as I think nose jobs ruin most beautiful faces, it really worked for her.  She adamantly insists she never had a nose job.  I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.  Just saying … if she did, it’s not a bad thing.  I’m pretty sure she also had a boob job.  She’s too skinny to have boobs that big.  Boobs are basically fat.  So unless you have a lot of fat, your boob will not be big.  Granted.  Xian Lim has big boobs.  Heh.  I think all his fat goes straight into his boobs.  Who knows?  Maybe he gets injections too.

Back to Kim … She’s beautiful.  She has a radiant glow.  Tall.  Infectious emoticon-like smile.  I don’t believe she was born with most of this beauty though.  She’s always glammed up with fake contacts, long eyelashes and smoky-eye makeup.  She’s actually pretty without makeup but to me someone who feels they have to be ga-ga’d up all the time, get multiple cosmetic surgeries — that’s a person who has some insecurity issues OR is in the business of being beautiful … wait …. aha! I get it …

I have to say though that in time, those surgeries will take its toll as the real parts start to wrinkle and the plastic stays the same.

I recently saw Kim Chiu in a YouTube video accepting a Karaoke challenge.  Nobody should sing like that on television.  I don’t care how famous they are.  That is annoying shit.  I never finished the video.  I hope it got better.  The first few seconds were hell.

And finally, here’s my favorite interview that made me giddy as a schoolgirl.  I was smiling the whole time.

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