Ngayon at Kailanman

It’s been almost a year but I’ve found a new show to watch.  In my other post, I mentioned that I had a feeling I wouldn’t like Julia Barretto.  But lo and behold, here I am watching a show that has her on the main roster once again.  I’ll tell you why.  Joshua Garcia.  This guy is only 20 years old!  I didn’t expect that.  His acting is very mature. I saw a YouTube video on his “The Good Son” performance with the lamok on his face.  Incredible!  I don’t even know the story.  I wasn’t attached to any character but I was crying like a baby.  That was superb  acting!   Two snaps up!!!!! (see if you get that reference 🙂 ) So I saw some more scenes touted as his best and I was hooked.  Finally, I came upon Vince, Kath and James.  Joshlia, wow!  Super kilig!  I have to admit, he also looked good with Loishua (?) but the material in The Good Son is not as teeny-bopper as VKJ.  And so, I think JoshLia was more noticeable because of that.  I think he is now dating Julia Barretto.  I hope this doesn’t limit his pairing with other actresses.  Come to think of it, I think DongYan was also very public about their relationship and they survived it.  They might have gone a bit slower though.  Probably because DingDong overlapped his relationships.

Anyway, Julia Barretto has a contrabida look to me.  I’m sure she is a very nice person in real life but she doesn’t have that “maamo” face.  There’s another actress, Marian Rivera, who has the same “look”  — dark hair on very light skin, dimples, cheeks. Marian Rivera is very angelic.  Julia Barretto is not.  My guess is that it’s because Julia Barretto wears heavy makeup. Don’t get me wrong.  She looks good without make up.  She looks great!  But she wears a lot of eye makeup sometimes.  She wears so much that  she can pass as a drag queen.  I believe it was a premiere of one of the Joshlia movies, when she had long hair extensions, bangs almost covering her eyes and full on smoky eye makeup, that I first had this reaction.  My opinion.  I think I always have that opinion when there’s too much makeup and too big a hair involved.

Anyhoo …

On with the show.

“Ngayon at Kailanman” translates to “Now and Forever” so obviously, this is a love story.  It’s about two people whose souls are forever intertwined from the time they were born.  Their physical beings have swapped places so they grew up having the others’ life.  Their souls literally meet in their visions of heaven.  So the story will have a typical teleserye plot of a rich girl growing up poor and later on finding out she is a rich heiress.  Eventually, she will discover her true identity and live the life she’s supposed to have.  This is a very common plot in Filipino teleseryes.  Maybe it’s because it is what all poor Filipinos hope their life would turn out to be and they’re the target audience.  I can even name many teleseryes with the same story line right away — “Pangako sayo”, “Ina, Kapatid, Anak”, “Marimar”, “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso”, etc … It’s a bit overdone and clearly, they wanted a sure hit for JoshLia.  Let’s just hope there are other elements in the story that makes it unique.

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