Pilot Episode — Lives in Shambles

The show starts with Ian Veneracion playing the piano with relative ease while narrating all that is obvious and overstated about love.  Bea Alonzo finishes the narrative.

Apparently, Ian Veneracion plays instruments.  It’s possible he was the one who actually played the piano in this scene.  Is there anything he can’t do?

Bea Alonzo, from here on out will be referred to as “Andeng” (not-so-short for Andrea), is engaged to be married at the start of the story …

Ian Veneracion, from here henceforth will be called Anton, has three children.  Anton doesn’t seem to have a wife.  His daughter takes care of him.

Andeng’s fiancé, Jerold, is introduced.  The guy looks like Xian Lim’s evil bizarro — only shorter, darker, not Chinese, not mestizo.  Forget it.  I’m wrong.  They have similar hair is all.

Anton comes home to a family celebrating his promotion to Presidency at Celba.  Man.  He has a beautiful house.  A rebellious son named Lucas appears wielding a guitar and a pout.

So far everything is typical.

Back at Andeng’s house.  Jerold is on the phone exchanging “I Love You’s” with another woman.  Oooh … Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!  He doesn’t even have Xian Lim’s hair anymore.  I hate him.  A boy on a tree, Santino, overheard the conversation and asked if he’s cheating on Andeng.  Of course, he lied.  Who would tell a truth like that to a 6-year old?  Andeng comes out and gives Jerold some lovin’.  They have no chemistry whatsoever.  Santino throws a stone on his head.  Heh.  I like Santino.

Back at Anton’s house.  He cooks for his children.  Lucas hates it.  So it appears, there are 3 children.  In order of age, Chloe, Lucas and Kitty.  Anton tells them that he is leaving for Los Angeles to pick up their mother.

Back at Andeng’s house, Andrew (Andeng’s brother) played by Enchong Dee is eating by himself in the kitchen.  He appears to be an outsider in the family but not a rebellious one.

Back at Anton’s house, Lucas causes trouble by telling his sisters they’re mom is not coming back because their father hurt her.  Why would a mom say that to his son?  Mom is no-Bueno is my only conclusion.

Back at Andeng’s house, we learn that her dad has already passed on.

Back at Anton’s house, he talks to his oldest daughter about house affairs while he is gone (to pick up their mom in Los Angeles).  He also makes a promise to his daughter that he will bring back their mom.

Back at Andeng’s house, she finds a picture and a flashback happens.  While at a fair many years ago, she found her dad with his other family.  There’s a little boy there.  That might be Andrew.  So it appears Andrew is her half brother.  She confronted her mother.  Her mother admitted that she knew about it and she accepted it.  She made a vow to her mom that they will show her dad that they can survive without him.  Fast forward years later, Andeng is almost college age when her dad came back home with her half-brother.  Her dad seemed to be handicapped.  So, my guess is that his mistress left him when he can no longer provide and Andeng and her mom took him back.  This is clearly a foreshadowing.

Here’s my first prediction:  Anton’s wife will come back just as Andeng and Anton find happiness.  Tears will be shed because Andeng will tell Anton to take back his wife so that they can have a “whole” family again.  Andeng and her mother did the same for her father. Oh my!  This is a feel good story.  There will be no twists to this.  80 episodes tops.

Here we go … back to normal lives.

Andeng is an event coordinator.  Of course, she plays an awesome one.  Jerold is one of her suppliers.

Jerold stiffed her and he is nowhere to be found.  Andeng has to make decision expediently.  She did (of course).

The next day.  The day of the event.  Her client came early.  She needed a diversion.  Fortunately, Anton was arriving at the site for another event.  Is he wearing a Members Only jacket?  Who dresses him?  Ian Veneracion is unarguably very handsome.  BUT.  He is egg-shaped.  He needs to workout to take full advantage of his good looks.  Andeng’s client literally falls on Anton.  She is giddy with delight.  She tells Andeng that he is the “handsomest president in town”.  This is Andeng’s first time to see Anton.  Anton didn’t notice her.

Finally, they arrive at the site that Andeng prepared for her client.  As expected, her client loved it.  I won’t get into details.

Jerold arrived as they were celebrating and congratulating themselves.  He brought the designs which they of course, ended up not using.  Jerold is furious.  What an ass!  He couldn’t be reached.  Was Andeng supposed to just have full faith and not implement a contingency plan?  Predictable.  I’m sure they will soon break up.

Days later, Andeng is at another event.  She saw Jerold at the event with another woman in a scant blue two-piece.  Cue the foreboding music.  Andeng missed it but the girl kissed Jerold.

Jerold and Andeng meet.  Jerold left his phone.  Andeng found it and and saw a text come in that says, “See you tonight, Babe Casa Victoria”.  Jerold has a very cheap phone.  So it appears Andeng is the bread winner in the relationship.   The writers want to show that Jerold doesn’t deserve her.

Andeng was on spy mode as he followed Jerold to Casa Victoria.

In Los Angeles, Anton tries to pick up his wife.  She doesn’t want to go back.  The wife is played by Iza Calzado.  There’s something about her I don’t like.  Does she usually play contrabida?

Back at Casa Victoria, Jerold is already in the pool.  Also, already making out with another woman.  She doesn’t look like blue swimsuit girl.  Andeng saw all this.  It must be mentioned that Bea Alonzo really looks good in jeans.  I like her jeans and how she fills them.  I’m sure the same pair wouldn’t looks as good on me.

Iza Calzado turned down Anton again.  She doesn’t want to go with Anton.  Anton doesn’t take this well.  Her reason for not coming back?  Her dad’s still sick and she wants to take some classes.  What the hell, woman?!  I can understand not loving your husband but leaving your children?  What is that?  She won’t even attend her daughter’s graduation?  She says she wanted an annulment.  Leave her, Anton.  Drive down Orange County and pick me up.  There’s no explanation for her actions at all.  I mean, if she’s not happy, she can hang on for about 10 more years until her kids are grown up right?  I’m guessing mid-life crisis.  My prediction — she’s partying it up with another man.

There’s the setup.  Both Anton and Andeng are at the verge of relationships falling apart.

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