The Road To Love Is Not Always Easy But Should Always Be Joyful

Show starts with Tin walking home from the cliff.  Actually, she calls it “burol” which translates to “hill”.  I still think it’s a cliff so I’m going with it.

Tin is crying because someone scratched off her name on “their rock” (hers and Macoy’s).  She knows Macoy did it.  She doesn’t know when but she knows he did it.

It’s slowly hitting her that it’s truly over for her and Macoy.  She’s crying and deeply saddened by this thought.  She still loves Macoy but she’s reached the point of no return.  Her situation is irreversible.

I watched her face at the wedding.  She was happy.  She had no thoughts of Macoy.

Say they end up together.  Wouldn’t Macoy always wonder if Tin will once again betray him?  Wouldn’t Tin always feel the need to make it up to him?  It just won’t work.  I don’t care how cute Xian Lim and Kim Chiu look together.

Earlier in the story, while Tin was playing bubbles with Darwin (remember the episode where she has flowers on her hair?), Macoy told Bok that it’s a good feeling when someone is “Naniniwala at Nagtitiwala” (believes and trusts)  As the story progressed, Tin started losing that.  She didn’t have absolute faith in Macoy.  To her, he’s a “bakasakali” (an uncertainty)

Macoy and Lucia are at the beach having a bonfire.  Lucia professes her admiration for Macoy.  She said Macoy is the most beautiful sight in El Nido — a strong man who’s willing to admit he was hurt but not afraid to do it all over again.  Macoy, the phoenix!

She says she wishes that she can fill his heart with joy.  She wants to be the reason for his happiness because she wants to love him.

I want someone to say that to me!

Unfortunately, Macoy thinks she’s kidding around.  So she plays along and says she’s joking.  They exchange looks — part uncertain, part hopeful.  The seed has been planted.

Little comic relief with Wendy, Joy and Mayor’s wife.  Mayor’s wife wants to invite Tin to their dinner party the next day.  Tin’s going.

Lucia talks to herself in the mirror about the debacle by the bonfire.  She’s not sure how Macoy feels about her.  She really likes Macoy.  She decided to just be friends with Macoy for now.

Macoy is laying in bed also thinking of the debacle by the bonfire.  He’s wondering if Lucia’s joke is half meant.  I see Macoy is starting to like Lucia.

The next day, Lucia is her usual jovial self pretending last night never happened.  She complimented Lolo Pido’s good looks.  Lolo Pido asked if that was a joke.  He’s wondering if it’s half-meant or just a joke.  Lucia replied that when she jokes, she always means for it to be a joke.  She and Macoy exchange looks.  Heh.

Palawanites meet with Macoy, Lucia and Lolo Pido.  I want to call them Padawans.  That will be my new name for the townspeople of Palawan.

The mayor is inviting the Padawans to a dinner party to launch their community center.  Macoy is really happy and Lucia takes notice.  He’s so happy that their dream is reaching fulfillment.

Tin’s not sure about going to the mayor’s party.  Nanay Carmi convinces her that if Macoy is in Palawan and their meant to see each other, they will see each other no matter how she avoids it.

Tin meets the mayor.  He has a proposal for Tin.  He wants Tin to meet the people from Tadhana to explain the details of the proposal.

Mayor’s chatty wife tells Tin about the proposal.  They want Tin to teach Padawans things she learned in New York.  It’s part of Team Community Development project.  She talks about their tall, dark and handsome team leader who came back to Palawan to fulfill his promise/dream.  Tin immediately realizes she might be talking about Macoy but the mayor’s wife doesn’t know his name.

Outside mayor’s wife’s den of beauty, the party has begun.  Macoy was introduced as a “Hometown Hero”.  When Tin heard Macoy’s name, she banged her head on the wall, got down on both knees, looked to the heavens and screamed, “WWWWHHHHYYYY???!!!!!!!!!!!!” as the camera zooms out bird’s eye view.  Okay.  That last part didn’t happen.  Kim Chiu opted for a mixture of sad, regretful, proud, subdued face.  Tears are streaming down her cheeks.  Her face is a bit lopsided.  What is that?  Camera angle? Make up? Contortion? Eye trickery?  Botox?

Macoy starts a “thank you” speech.  Here’s the kicker.  He talked about the “dream he dared to dream “(originally with Tin of course).  And the same words he told Tin on prom night, “Kung ano man ang marating ko, kasama kayo don” (whatever dreams I attain, you will be a part of it).  He said the same thing to Tin.  It seems his dream is now with the Padawans.  Gone were the days of graduation speeches where most of his speech was dedicated to Tin.   Go, Tin!  Do not listen to this.  This is way too painful.

Tin left and missed the last part of the speech.  This time, instead of thanking Tin, he thanked Lucia.  He is grateful to Lucia for believing in him even when he hasn’t proved himself worthy yet.

My only wish now is that Lucia doesn’t become a collateral damage in “The Story of Tin and Macoy”.

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