Doormats Are Not Just For Doorways

May 3, 2016
Episode 47
Grade: B


At the salon, Tin is working with the contractors who think CJ’s an ass.   CJ walks in bearing pizza and making a grand apology.   Apologies accepted.  They eat.  They work.

Meanwhile, Macoy and Cailtlin are hanging out at the stairs in front of Tin’s apartment doing some Tagalog tongue twisters.  Whoa!  Say that ten times.  Tagalog  Tongue Twisters.  Tagalog  Tongue Twisters.  Tagalog  Tongue Twisters…

The facade of their apartment is very confusing.  I remember last time there were benches and a taller staircase.  Remember that episode where Caitlin was dancing and Macoy was playing the guitar?  But I guess there are about 4 possible sides to every building.   The characters in this show just all coincidentally happen to walk on the same side every time.

Tin arrives and joins them in reading some of the tongue-twisters.  A lot of poking from Macoy to Tin.  He “accidentally” put his arms around Tin.  Slow motion.   Kilig?  Yep.

Stella arrives at Alvin’s apartment.  Alvin just prepared some food for Stella.  It turns out Stella brought Alvin some food also.  They agree to “exchange” food instead and eat it at the park.

Back to Tin/Macoy/Caitlin, Caitlin accuses them of making up words.  Tin says, “hindi yan makeup words”.  Heh.

Caitlin is bored and coaxes them to go somewhere.  Myra arrives at the scene.  They all decide on a “Family Day”.

They went to Coney Island.  I’ve never been there.  I was only in New York for 4 days and there was simply too much too check out.  Coney Island didn’t make my must-see list.  I see a sign that says “White Castle”.  Is that the burger joint?  Mmmm.  I’m craving it right now.  Also, I feel like watching Harold and Kumar.

The theme park is closed but they decided to hang around anyway.

Stella and Alvin are visiting Alex in prison.  Alvin delivers the news that he decided to stay in the US and practice law.  I predict he will be Macoy’s immigration lawyer.

Back to family day …. Caitlin and Tin are playing.  Myra and Macoy are chatting.  Myra is thankful that the sisters are finally close.  She credits Macoy for this.  She also confessed what she did 3 years ago to break up Tin and Macoy.  Macoy is surprised but decided to forgive Myra.  Macoy said he understood that she was just protecting Tin.  He’s just grateful to be part of Tin’s life now.

Yep, Macoy is a freaking doormat!  Has it come down to this?  The ideal guy is a doormat?  Count me out.  I prefer alpha males.  That’s the same thing that frustrated me about “On The Wings of Love”.  Clark was Leah’s doormat.   Fine.  I’ll give the story more time to develop.

Clodette visited CJ at his new new tiny and messy apartment.  She looked at what appears to be a blank computer screen and decided that CJ is doing all the work in setting up C+C.  Very strange and unexpected conclusion.  Blank screen = doing all the work.   I’m still scratching my head.

Back a the park, Tin and Caitlin are biking while Macoy watched them.  Macoy wipes Tin’s sweat.  That’s definitely what I need.  Someone who will wipe my sweat.  I need to have a long talk with someone.  They talk about Tin’s stress which seems a segue to “Is CJ being an ass because he’s stressed?” I’m paraphrasing.

Clodette asked CJ to go back to work because she needs him.  There’s nobody else she could trust.  CJ refuses.  He said Tin is the only one he wants to focus on now.  Clodette tells CJ that he is hurting her.  He could care less and walks away.  You know, my mom always told me that if you want to know how a man will treat you, watch how he treats his mother.  CJ is not a keeper.

Tin explains to Macoy that CJ is actually a good person.  Macoy accepts it.   He jokes about having both ears available for her.  I mention this not because it’s important but because he reminded me of Legolas.  They talk about what Myra did three years ago.  Macoy says he understood why Myra did what she did.   Tin expresses gratefulness that Macoy is still kind and caring no matter their past.  Also, worth mentioning, there was an unnecessary laying of hand on Macoy’s chest.  Not quite a smooth move by Tin but very understandable.  wink wink.

On their way home, Tin thanks Macoy for a great day.  This hallway is not quite as nice as the other hallway to their apartment.  I wonder if they’ve moved location back to the Philippines.  This is not the same apartment building.

What happens next is another kilig-inducing moment.  I have a big smile on my face and cannot quite look because I’m embarrassed for both of them.  Basically, Macoy looks like he’s asking for a kiss but it turned he was asking for a selfie.

They take tons of selfies.

The last scene is Tin in bed the next morning. daydreaming about Macoy and “family day”.

Final observation:  I like Macoy’s long hair now.



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