“Hair” I Come To Save The Day!

June 10, 2016

Macoy sees Lucia probably to tell her about his encounter with Tin.  Lucia sees immediately that something is troubling Macoy.  She asks him not to tell anything because she doesn’t want bad news.  She wants to enjoy being his girlfriend first.  Lucia tells Macoy that MommyLola is not responding well to her leukemia treatments.  She also can’t go to the Community Center tomorrow because she has to make plans with DaddyLola.  She works on making Macoy smile again.  Finally, Macoy smiles.  He says that it comes from his heart (meaning not just a polite smile).  The two are a great couple.

The next day …

Tin is getting ready to go to the Community Center at the break of dawn.  Nanay Carmi teases her that she’s trying to impress Macoy.

Lucia wakes up to find a empty house.  Macoy left her a decorated trail to her breakfast with flowers and a note that explains he left for the Communitycapture Center already.  In the note, he calls Lucia “My Happs” (short for “my happiness”).  Very sweet.

Macoy and Tin are the first ones at the center.  Tin tries to start a conversation with Macoy who already busied himself preparing booths.  Do you remember when we went “full circle”.  So, this trip on the circle, it’s Tin trying to talk to Macoy about what happened to them in the US.  Earlier in the series, Macoy was desperately trying to talk to Tin about what happened to them last time they spoke on the phone and broke up.

Tin asks Macoy if they can talk about more than just work.  She wants to talk about what happened to them in the US.  You know, when Tin rejected his proposal and allowed him to be thrown in jail and deported?  Macoy said there’s no need to talk about it.  All’s well.  Hm.  He sounds like he’s moved on.

I’m going to revisit that episode where Macoy tried to talk to her the day of her citizenship party.  It’s the April 5 episode.  Tin reassured Macoy that if he’s worried about what happened to them last, there’s no cause for concern.  “Look at me.  I’m fine”.  All’s well.

Alright.  So both of the said the same thing so it all boils down to acting or how boys/girls react to understand what the writers are trying to convey.  Tin was not convincing when she said she was fine.  She didn’t sound like she’s completely moved on.  Macoy sounded like he’s moved on.

Continuing on ….

Tin asked if Macoy’s alright with her working on the project.  Macoy said that he will do anything for El Nido and Tin is the best one for the job.

Comparing the two, Macoy seems okay with her staying around.  On the April 5 episode, Tin dismissed Macoy.  She didn’t want him to be around.  They were at different stages in their lives.  Back then, Tin had CJ.  But she never got Macoy out of her heart.  Now, Macoy has Lucia but he’s been working hard removing Tin from his heart.  Macoy might be in a healthier state than Tin was back in New York.

Tin noticed that Macoy seems to have no issues to talk about.  So she moves on with personal conversation.  She asks about Nanay Aurora and Tep-Tep.  As she was doing so, other workers walked in and Macoy diverts his attention to them.  Just like Tin back in New York, Macoy wants nothing to do with Tin.

It’s not successful at the Community Center.  No one registering for the new industries they’re trying to establish.  Especially, Tin’s hair styling industry.  Padawans are poor people and they don’t spend money on haircuts.

Tin came up with an idea of giving free haircuts.  She is trying to impress Macoy.  She does that “Watch Me!” thing she does with CJ but Macoy wasn’t looking at her.  It’s actually annoying how she’s acting.  The thought is that if she gives free haircuts, the Padawans will like it and get haircuts later on.  Personally, I don’t think that would work.  Tin cuts more hair and eventually Macoy said goodbye because there’s nothing for him to do there.  As he leaves, he tells Tin, “good job.”  Based on this, Macoy is definitely no longer interested in Tin despite the knowledge that Tin is now single.

Back in Manila, Caitlin and Myra find out that they’ve been scammed.  There’s really no play in the Philippines.  They were scammed for money and they’re trip to the Philippines was pointless.

Nanay Carmi gives Wendy a wedding invitation to deliver to Macoy.  Wendy sees Lucia at Macoy’s house.  Her curiosity is piqued.

CJ!  CJ’s back!  He was awarded “Entrepreneur of the Year” of which publication, I don’t know.  He was credited for turning “The Lowery” around.  The Lowery’s was in trouble?  It’s been a year?  What’s going on?

First, Macoy became successful after leaving Tin … both times! Now, CJ is successful after divorcing Tin.  Tin is poison!

CJ looks sad.  He clearly still misses Tin.

Lucia’s curiosity was also piqued by the invitation so she decided to go to the center to look for Macoy.

MommyLola and DaddyLola are both recognizing Lucia’s new happiness.  They are content knowing Lucia’s happy.  DaddyLolo says that MommyLola is the one who courted him.  This is the same as Lucia and Macoy.  Could Macoy and Lucia’s be the greatest love story ever told also?  MommyLola fainted as she was dancing with DaddyLolo.

Macoy went back to the center without Tin.  He finds Lucia and this surprise made him happy.  Lucia asked who the new hairstylist Macoy was with earlier that day.  Macoy tolder her it’s Tin.  The show ends …

I hope Lucia doesn’t become an insecure twit like CJ wass.  I’m optimistic.  Lucia has a very healthy outlook in life and happy upbringing.


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