One Stupid Decision After The Other

May 2, 2016
Episode 46
Grade: C 

Boring start again.  It’s the two brothers …  I’m confused where they are.  It might be at the hospital but I’m not sure why Alex gets to visit Alvin with a police escort.  They do that?  That seems like a waste of tax dollars.  He should be in jail waiting for bail before he gets to walk around right?

Tin and Macoy are at the apartment making Lumpiang Shanghai.  Aren’t Lumpiang Shanghai supposed to be thin, matchstick eggrolls?  They don’t know how to make eggrolls.  They reminisce about their lives in Palawan.  Caitlin walks in on them and exchanged banter with Macoy.  Macoy is teasing her to Cyrus.  Tin is envious of Caitlin and Macoy’s friendship.  Tin asks for Macoy’s help to get closer to Caitlin.  Tin comments that Macoy’s eggrolls are too thin (or small?).  I think he’s the one who actually knows.  You have to make it thin so it will cook thoroughly when fried.

Caitlin is practicing her Pandanggo with her family.  Tin joins in.  Happy family.

Macoy decided to visit the brothers at the police department.  What??????  Alvin called and told him Alex took the fall.  Macoy asked about the lady in the other car.  I’m still worried she’ll remember.

Then, they visited her at the hospital.  What?????  Being TNT is stressful.  Never do this.  Her name is Rachel Smith.  She doesn’t remember anything.  How convenient.

Alvin introduces Macoy to Rachel.  She says he looks familiar.  Of course.  Oh, Macoy!  What are you guys doing there????  Maybe Tin will be forced to marry Macoy to keep him in the country.  Maybe Mr. White will give him an H1 Visa.  I won’t stress out.  I hope this will be a blessing in disguise because this will definitely bite him the ass.

Caitlin and Tin decide to get some coffee.  They are totally bonding now.  Someone calls Tin.  There’s an “emergency” at the salon so they rush there.

Macoy went back to work at the convalescent.  Mr. White only wants Macoy to take care of him.  Hopefully, Mr. White will help him with his residency status.

Stella visits Alex at the prison.  Alex apologizes.  He asks her to wait for him.  She agrees.  Wait.  What??? This guy always puts you second.  One stupid event after another on this episode.  Alex asks Stella to look after Alvin.  Maybe one of my predictions will come true.  Alvin and Stella will fall in love.

Meanwhile, at the salon, CJ is going nuts!  Evil CJ is coming out.  He’s yelling at the contractors.  He moved up his deadline and he still wants the construction and plumbing to be done on time.  He’s pushing and shoving people.  He knocked Caitlin accidentally to the ground.  Tin is yelling at him.  Oh the chaos of it all!!!  Bryan Santos is very believable both as a sweet guy and a crazy lunatic.

Caitlin is distracted at the deli.  She tells Macoy about CJ and his crazy behavior.  She’s concerned for Tin.  She thinks Tin was scared of CJ.

A rather uneventful Monday episode but the “Abangans” always get me.  Whoever puts those together is good.

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