Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

May 20, 2016
Episode 60
Grade: A

Joey is still fake crying.  She’s confessing everything to Macoy.  Oh, the torture!  I can’t stand watching and hearing her cry.  It’s like watching a 2-year old toddler who recently learned the art of manipulation.  No.  Please.  Stop.

I’m not blinded by his good looks, I swear.  Well, maybe a little.  I just saw “Everything About Her”.  When XianLim’s character was crying over his ailing mom, that was good acting.  I thought it’s a bit similar to how he did that “drama moment” in Bride-for-Rent.  Similar but improved.  I can’t really expect actors to cry differently in every movie they make so I thought he was brilliant!  Then I saw that episode early this week when Tin rejected him.  His voice was shaky.  His eyes spoke volumes.  His emotions subtle.  You see a manly man who doesn’t whine but you can feel the controlled pain in his voice.  So his cries match the roles he plays.  Stupendous! I think he’s an excellent actor – better in drama than comedy.  If it’s comedy, I’d just laugh at everything he says because well … he’s eye candy.  I can’t help but giggle like a Justin Bieber fangirl.   He can say “sewer” with a smile, he’ll still get a giggle out of me.

Unpausing …

Basically, Joey was desperate for her business so she made a deal with Clodette so that Macoy will stay in the U.S.  The scene where she’s so happy about being set up by CJ to Macoy before they even met makes a lot of sense now.  So she’s been in cahoots with Clodette this entire time.  Macoy is thankful she told him.

Back at the salon …

Whoa!  Joy is going for an Oscar (or FAMAS).  She’s yelling at an employee who’s quitting because she got offered a job elsewhere 3x the pay.  Apparently, all the employees quit.  Why the heck is Joy so loyal to Tin?  She came out of nowhere.

Tin and CJ are now in a pinch.  They don’t have enough workers to style people’s hair.  Why is this a problem? Keep the really important clients and cancel on the others.  Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Nanay Myra and Caitlin came to the Tin’s rescue.  Nanay Myra called CJ family.  She is back on my “hated character” list again.  Did she forget what he did to Caitlin?  If someone hurt any of my children, it would take a LOT to regain my trust.

This episode is aptly called “Confrontation”.  There are many confrontations throughout the show.  Confrontation #1 was Joey confessing to Macoy.

Confrontation #2 is Macoy confronting Clodette.  Macoy told Clodette that that he knows of Clodette’s plans to use him to create a wedge between Tin and CJ.  Clodette attempts to get Macoy on her side against CJ and Tin.  Macoy vehemently opposes this notion because he is a man of principles.  I don’t know who I love more Xian Lim or Macoy Sandoval.  Clodette is left being an ineffective villain.  She has no powers against a man of principles.  I like this about this show.  In real life, villains do have less powers.  Aside from the writers not thoroughly researching United States laws, the lives of the characters are pretty realistic.

Thus far, the following are laws they didn’t think  about as far as I know:

  1. Leaving a scene of an accident is only a felony if someone dies. Law enforcement very actively seeks out felons.  Macoy is not a felon
  2. If not a felony, then it would be a misdemeanor.  Macoy could have even contested a misdemeanor.  Passengers, passers-by are inactive participants in an accident. Therefore, there may be no consequence.
  3. From what I know, and I could be wrong.  After 9/11, New York implemented the Good Samaritan Law which means everyone has to provide reasonable assistance to those injured.  He would’ve gotten in more trouble had he not helped amnesia girl.
  4. TNT with felony charges — definitely deportation, possibly jail time.
  5. TNT with misdemeanor — deportation with fines (can still be helped by an immigration lawyer)
  6. TNT — actually usually walks freely in the US taking odd jobs anywhere they could find it.

Back to the story …

CJ finds out from his own investigator that his mom, Clodette is responsible for keeping Macoy in the country.  He wants to crush her.  He talks to his lawyer who advises him to either sell all his shares of The Lowery or buy more to become a majority shareholder. The Lowery is a publicly traded company.  Why didn’t they explain this before so I could have stopped looking at them as mere salon owners?  So CJ, a co-owner of 2 small salons wants to bring The Lowery to its knees.  HE. IS. DAVID.  This would take years.  Just to go through IPO is long enough.  Let’s see how far the writers’ research this.   I say it’s not possible unless they fast forward the story 2 years.

Macoy is unpacking.  He sits by the window and reminisces about his time in New York.  At every scene, I die a little because I’m reminded of all his sacrifices for Tin.  My favorite scene at the deli is included.  Makes me want him to get Tin back.  Temporarily.

He stops his watch.  Time is an illusion.  He chooses to make it literal.

Lolo Luis enters his room with some beer.  What a cool Lolo!  Right now, Lolo Luis is the only one in this show that makes me smile.  Lolo Luis talks about his wife and their love — the greatest love story ever told.  Lolo Luis separated from his family to fight his own battles as a war veteran.  He calls it “The Greatest Love Story”.  Of course it is.  The shorter the story, the less hard times.  Lolo Luis, get a grip.  That’s not the greatest story every told by a mile.

This is an attempt to derail me.  They think I’ll expect that Lolo’s story will parallel Macoy’s love life.  Meaning, he will marry Joey but be separated.  In the meantime, he will be fighting his battle with America, Tin and The Lowery.  In his old age, he will be reunited with Joey.  No more.  My track record is bad.  I cannot predict this show.  So, I will go with Occam’s Razor — the best explanation is the easiest and has the least assumptions.  For this show, it will be Tin and Macoy marrying in the same spot in Palawan they planned to get married.

Clodette is at a board meeting which CJ needlessly dramatically interrupts.  How rude.  Confrontation #3 is Clodette and CJ.  CJ accuses his mom of being heartless.  This after he tried to separate two people in love.  Not to mention, reporting Macoy to Immigration.  We learn why Clodette is keeping Macoy in the States.  She wants CJ to realize that Tin loves Macoy.  This sounds reasonable to me.  (The unreasonable part is bribing I.N.S.)  CJ says Tin picked him despite of her love for Macoy.  Say what?  She picked the good life, douchebag.

Confrontation #4 Clodette vs. Tin and Myra.  Clodette insults Tin.  Clodette insults Myra.  The evil is unleashed in its full (maybe 2/3) glory. Honestly, Clodette makes very valid arguments in this confrontation.  Myra does not have a good track record as a mother.  Clodette is very correct.  Also, Princess Punzalan – wow!  I like that scene.  She is the Philippines’ best Teleserye contrabida in my very limited knowldege.

It turns out what Clodette is fighting for is pretty petty.  She feels Tin stole CJ from her and she won’t stop until Tin gives him back.  Getting someone you love back by brute force never works.  She can scheme.  She can connive.  She can manipulate.  She will surely lose because she is not playing her cards right.  Tiny Lex in Superman vs. Batman now that’s a good scheming, conniving, manipulating villain.

CJ comes to Tin’s defense.  Clodette, I’m on your side against Tin and CJ.  She may very well be this story’s reluctant hero.

I am starting to love Joey (when she’s not crying).  She is willing to lose everything for Macoy.  Awww! Macoy wants to go back to the Philippines.  Macoy tells Joey he can’t marry her.  He can’t stay in the U.S.  I honestly don’t know if the next half of this teleserye will be set in the Philippines.  I do know the cast is there right now.

The last scene.  Tin accepts CJ’s marriage proposal.  I cannot watch anymore.  I had to stop it.

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