Bad Guys Wear Black

May 10, 2016
Episode 51
Grade: B


The story continues after Joey’s proposal of citizenship marriage.  Macoy doesn’t want to get married because Joey is interested in him and marrying her would give her false hope.  Joey said that it’ll be a business deal and she’ll be able to handle it.  She’s caressing his arms.  Clearly, she has other plans.  Macoy still turned her down.  While they were hugging goodbye, Maritess who is currently spying from their apartment window mentions something I’ve been thinking about.  She said Joey cannot be trusted.  I feel the same way.  Just when I gave up on my prediction that CJ actually planted her in Macoy’s life, it’s back in.   This comment from Maritess may very well be foreshadowing.  Macoy also seems a little interested in Joey.  He seems TOO nice to her.

Meanwhile, Tin, Bok and Maritess who are watching Macoy and Joey from the inside the apartment are having a little chat.  Bok suggested that Tin marry Macoy.  Maritess agreed.  Macoy happened to be walking in and overheard the conversation.  He seems to like this idea.  I like it, too, but the story might end too fast.  Here’s my take.  CJ will eventually find out Macoy is an illegal alien (most likely from Joey).  He will use this (the TNT card) to blackmail Tin into staying with him while Macoy goes to the next chapter of his life.  This life would involve a successful career and possibly help from Clodette.  Tin’s new chapter is going to be her sacrifice to keep Macoy safe.

From Atlantic City, after many attempts, CJ finally gets in touch with Tin.  As CJ’s character gets darker so do his clothes.  Maybe bad guys wear black.  More importantly, bad guys have terrible skin.  CJ’s skin was not this bad at the beginning of the show.  It was there before but it seems to be 3x worse now.  Maybe they don’t try to conceal it anymore to make him  look evil.  Is it possible that the bad skin is actually just make up?  With current technology and all his family’s riches, I’m sure Bryan Santos could afford microdermabrasion or whatever it is they do nowadays so it’s hard to imagine a celebrity having this skin.

CJ’s wondering why Tin is not at the salon.  He finds out that Tin is with Macoy.  Upset, he orders Tin to go back to the salon. ASAP.  Yep.  ORDERS.  Tin obliges.  My soul bled a little.

Macoy walks Tin out the door.  He apologizes for involving Tin in the mess.  Tin assures him that she will be on his side. She says she will contact Ms. Marge, her previous employer.  Ms. Marge knows immigration lawyers.

Then, of course, Tin brings up Joey’s proposal.  Macoy tells her that he will only marry for love.  Tin is pleased with this answer.  In not too many words, she expresses to Macoy that she’ll be there for him.

Now for the boring plot — Alvin and Stella.  I’ll make it short.  Alvin passed the bar.  They hugged.

CJ is becoming more and more villainous.  He’s hungry.  He’s greedy.  He’s selfish.  He wants glory.

Meanwhile, there’s a scare at Bok’s apartment.  The INS caught the neighbor.  I don’t understand Bok’s story yet.  Bok is a TNT but he’s married to Maritess who is legally employed.  Wouldn’t that make Bok a citizen or resident now?  Maybe they’re both illegal?  If that’s the case, don’t they have two children born in the United States?  I believe they call those “anchor babies”.  I think having natural born American citizen babies will allow them to stay in the United States.  I’m not so sure what the specifics are but I think a lot illegals do that here.   Macoy’s scared that he’s putting Bok and his family in danger.

Tin calls Ms. Marge for help with an immigration lawyer.  She suggested they leave New York and hide out in Vermont where she has a cabin that’s in a secluded area.

For Bok’s family’s safety, Macoy left their apartment with no destination in mind.

After he left, Bok called Tin.  She rushed out of the salon to search for Macoy.

Macoy, on the other hand, decided to say goodbye to Joey first.  Why does he have to do that?  There’s something there between them.  I’m still worried she’ll eventually become his girlfriend.

CJ’s a crazy lunatic searching for Tin at her apartment.  He started yelling and hurting Caitlin when Caitlin couldn’t give her Tin’s whereabouts.  Myra comes to Caitlin’s rescue and kicked CJ out.

Tin’s sixth sense leads her to Macoy at the train station.  There was an inexplicable fall after slightly bumping into someone.  I wasn’t sure why that scene was necessary but it happened.  She’s letting lose a little.  She’s now starting to show her feelings for Macoy.  She even holds his hand as they ran out of the station.

Stella and Alex scene.  Boring.  Short story — Alex broke it off.

Show ends with Macoy leaving everything in Tin’s hands.  I assume they’re heading to Vermont.