Face of Adversity Measures A Man (or Woman)

May 24, 2016
Episode 62
Grade: C

Tin made CJ’s bagel and omelette breakfast.  CJ gets a call that they don’t have a hairstylist for their New Jersey opening.  Tin volunteers to help find a stylist for their New York branch so she can be at the New Jersey opening.  It bodes well that the two appear to be working together.  Tin decides to temporarily use her mom as a hair stylist to take her place in the New York salon.

Back in the Philippines, Macoy is researching development in a new land their company acquired.  He believes residences should be built in the area instead of a mall.  Everybody disagrees with him but he is steadfast in his belief so he continues his research.  He found out that they are building a university near the area of the land they acquired.  With more research, he built a proposal.  He convinced the powers-that-be.  Macoy’s proposal won.

More problems at the salon for CJ and Tin but they continue to work together.  Finally, a win for Tin and CJ when Tin was able to get a license for their salon by offering an employee at the city office a total makeover.  It didn’t last long.  There’s a surprise inspection at the New York salon where Myra is posing as a hair stylist.  She’s not licensed.  They’re shutting down the salon.  From what I know, an unlicensed hair stylist would get a citation/penalty.  That would not shut down a salon.  The salon not having a business license would cause a shut down but that is not the case here.  I don’t think the health inspector could have shut down the New York salon.

CJ and Tin get into a huge argument.  CJ throws insults at Tin and her mother.  Coincidentally, Myra and Caitlin walk in to overhear everything.  Caitlin does not like CJ again.  Caitlin is the smartest of the three women.

CJ is really bad under pressure.  Stark contrast to Macoy who takes on any challenge.  In the face of adversity, who will rise above?

Meanwhile, Macoy was promoted to Development Manager.  Celebrations at work.  Celebrations at home.  Macoy was given a car as a bonus.  Things are going very well for the Sandovals.

Great news at Macoy’s work.  There is a new development project assigned to Macoy and it’s in El Nido, Palawan.




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