Arrogance Is The Camouflage Of Insecurity

April 29, 2016
Episode 45
Grade: A 

An episode that can either be the start of Tin/Macoy reconciliation or Macoy deportation …

Let’s roll …

Alex came back to his senses and no longer acting like drunken mess.  Alvin might be dead.  Macoy didn’t wear a seatbelt.

Alex is still thinking straight.  Macoy not so much.  Alex stopped Macoy from calling the cops because he’ll be found.  He knows about Macoy’s status as a TNT.

Tin is trying to call Macoy but she can’t seem to connect.

CJ is at home working.  He is looking at financial statements from 2012.  He looks worried.  Ummm … CJ, it’s 2016!  Your 2012 financial statements are meaningless.  Oh wait.  This might be a faux pas from the props team.

CJ tries to call Tin.  He also can’t connect.

Back at the accident, there’s a lady asking for help.  Macoy, of course, wants to help.  He’s still not thinking straight.  He doesn’t remember his status as TNT.  He tells Alex he doesn’t understand what’s happening.  It looks like he’s suffering a concussion.  He also stupidly moves the lady out of the car.  You can’t do that!  Wait for the paramedics!  Macoy!  STOP!

Finally, Macoy left …

Tin and Caitlin are bonding.  Tin’s feelings for Macoy are coming back now that she realized that Macoy never stopped loving her.  She thought he gave up on her 3 years ago.  I have to re-watch that.  From what I remember, Tin is the one who broke all possible contact — not Macoy.

Caitlin left …

CJ is now walking towards Tin and finds her crying.  Crap.  Now, he thinks Tin is crying over THEIR fight.

Back at the accident, Alvin might still be alive.  Alex moved him to the passenger seat and he took the driver seat.  He’s going to take the fall.

Tin explains to CJ that she’s tired of his insecurities.  Ha!

Macoy is now at the hospital lying about the accident.  The doctor  doesn’t believe him when he said he fell down the stairs.  Macoy doesn’t want the cops involved.  Macoy called his emergency contacts so now Tin’s entire family is there along with CJ.  Macoy is touched.  He’s also lying to them about the cause of the accident.  I guess only Tin knows about the TNT status?  Tin is very worried.  CJ is very jealous.  I am very happy.

Myra decides that Macoy should stay at her house because nobody else will take care of him.  He’ll be living there the next few days.

Macoy is laying on the couch reliving the events of the night.  Alex tells him the cops can’t see him because he’s TNT.  We see him apologizing to the lady in the other car.  This is a bit bothersome.  This means that if the lady remembers, the cops will know about Macoy.  Macoy, on the other hand, is more worried about Alex and Alvin.

At the hospital, Alvin came to.  He immediately admitted to the police that he was the one driving.  The Filipino nurse tells the police he is suffering head trauma.  I wonder if Filipino nurses protect other pinoys when cops question them.  I doubt it.  My sister’s a nurse.  I should ask her.  I’m also bothered by Alvin not knowing about Macoy.

The next day, Macoy calls in sick at the convalescent.  I really like his boss.  Why don’t they pair her with Macoy.  She’s pretty.

Here’s the scene with Alex and Alvin.  Please mention Macoy, Alex!  Alex wants to take the fall.  He believes he has to save Alvin because he’s the smart one who will take them out of their hardships.  Well, there’s that.  Alvin still has no idea about Macoy.

At the apartment, Macoy and Tin are together.  They joke around like old times.  Tin is cooking for Macoy.   Tin says that when Macoy eats her cooking, he will forget his name.  Macoy quips that he doesn’t want to eat it then because he doesn’t want to have amnesia.  Me too, Macoy.  Me too!



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