Macoy and Tin Finally Meet In El Nido

June 9, 2016


Destiny picked Lucia.

The show starts with Macoy walking towards Lucia at the seashore.  Lucia built a “Circle of Honesty and Trust”.  Those who enter has to fully trust and be ready to speak only the truth.

Lucia professes her “like” for Macoy.  “I don’t want to just make you laugh.  I want to make you happy.  I don’t want you to just think of me.  I want you to miss me.  I really, really like you, Macoy.”

It’s all been said before so it’s the script is just so-so for me.

Macoy reciprocates.  “I’m already starting to like you.  I don’t want for you not to be in life.”  Big HOWEVER though.  Macoy’s not sure if he’s ready to give his whole heart.

Lucia understands and says she’s willing to wait until she’s the only one in his heart.

They hug.  Lucia and Macoy are officially “together”.  Xian Lim and Shaina Magdayao has absolute chemistry.  They are completely believable as two falling in love.  I don’t think they’re involved in real life so I chalk this up to great acting from both.

Destiny’s second choice is waiting at the community center.  Macoy sees Tin and slowly walks towards Tin and Mr. Perez.  This is their first meeting since that fateful day in Vermont.  Mr. Perez introduced Macoy to Tin. Both are stiff.  They stared at each other.  Macoy collected himself and offered a handshake.  Macoy looks like he’s trying his best not to appear affected.  He pulls it off.  There’s a chance he actually already started to heal.

Mr. Perez leaves Tin and Macoy.

Macoy explained the project to Tin.  Very professional.  Tin tries to start a personal conversation but Macoy is indifferent.  Macoy asks one of the crew to take Tin home.

So at this point, we are left not knowing how affected Macoy is.  We don’t know if he still has feelings for Tin or only spite.

Macoy comes home to a dinner on the table and Lucia who fell asleep on a bench nearby.  Macoy covers her with a blanket and gives her a kiss.

Macoy looks troubled.

Tin talks to Nanay Carmi and Wendy.  She’s surprised that Macoy didn’t show any anger towards her.  Wendy wondered if Macoy asked anything about her.  Tin said no.  It’s pure business.  Wendy and Carmi are encouraging the romance to rekindle.  Are they insane?

The next day, the “twelve industries” are at the community center for a meeting.  Macoy didn’t get to say goodbye to Lucia that morning because he had to get to the center early.  As they end their phone conversation and Macoy says “I miss you” to Lucia, he looks up and his eyes immediately spot Tin.

Macoy tries to convince Mr. Perez not to include Tin in the project but to no avail.  Mr. Perez wants her to be a part of it.

Apparently, they are all meeting at the center that morning because they have to get the center ready within a week.  Tin, being the newest addition, needed the most help.  Mr. Perez volunteers Macoy to help Tin.

After the meeting, they take Tin home.  Macoy and Tin are sitting side-by-side on the service van.  Mr.  Perez asks how long they’ve known each other.  Macoy says since elementary.  Tin says they were best friends.

Mr. Perez asked Macoy if he saw Tin in New York.  He says yes but not for a long time because he left.  New York didn’t suit him.

Mr. Perez asked if Tin is married.  Tin said “not anymore”.  There you have it.  Macoy is now aware that Tin’s relationship crumbled.  Tin doesn’t know about Lucia yet.

Carmi invites Macoy to her wedding.

Macoy sat outside late that night.  Lolo Pido tries to talk to him. Macoy shared everything he found out that day.  Macoy swears nothing will change — that nothing should change.

This is the exact same thing Tin said when Macoy showed up unexpectedly in New York.



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