Rocky Kidnaps Macoy

May 12, 2016
Episode 53
Grade: A

Macoy and Tin are heading for bed (separate rooms, of course).  There’s a bit of kulitan between Tin and Macoy.  Macoy really wants to stay in the same room as Tin.  Some funny jokes that I think Xian ad lib’d.

Clodette is talking to the company investigator.  She now knows that CJ is having Macoy investigated.

Back at the cabin, Tin keeps hearing noises.  She thinks it’s “Rocky the Racoon”.  She finally opens the door only to find that Macoy is still there.  She accidentally hit him.  Macoy wins!  He gets to sleep in Tin’s bedroom.

This scene is reminiscent of Tin’s first night in Manila.  They chat a little.  Macoy dispenses some advice.  Tin is thankful.  The scene is very heartwarming.  Xian Lim is one tall dude.  He must wear size 20 shoes.

The next day, CJ gets a visit from Mommy Dearest.  I’ve been looking forward to Princess Punzalan’s contrabidaness but I’m actually getting tired of her.  She keeps showing up doing uneventful things.

Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Tin wakes to find Macoy outside under a tree, by a lake, pensive.  Tin joins him and they talk about life in Palawan vs life in New York.  They exchanged looks that says Tin has come to realize her feelings for Macoy again and he, well, he noticed it.

Tin offers to fix the car so they can get back as close to normalcy as they can.  She fixed it.  Macoy now whole-heartedly trusts her.   Tin shares that CJ taught her how to fix cars.  Macoy seems hurt.  Tin is off to the grocery.  He tells her to hurry back.  He says he’s going to miss her.  As she drives away, Macoy has a soliloquy.  “Bilisan mo, my labs.”

CJ is now sharing with Mommy Dearest.  She now knows more about Macoy.  They yell at each other in a pointless conversation.  Both of them are annoying me so let me just summarize.  CJ still loves Tin.  Clodette wants to help CJ.

Myra doesn’t like CJ anymore.  She also warns Tin that it’s a crime to help Macoy.  Tin feels guilty because she’s the reason Macoy is in the States.  Also, because Macoy is her friend and she doesn’t want him to ever leave.  So, Tin’s love for Macoy has fully resurfaced.

CJ brings flowers to Caitlin at their place to apologize.  That seems to be his style.  I like Caitlin because she still hates CJ.  Unlike, her older sister, she cannot be bribed with flowers. He finds Tin’s whereabouts written on a notepad at the kitchen counter.  You know he will go to the cabin now.

The writers now try to explain a little why Macoy is being so actively pursued by Immigration.  They say this only happens if the TNT either commits a crime or was reported.  Otherwise, I guess, they leave TNT’s alone.

Back in the Philippines, Grandpa Blue and Nanay Aurora are both worried about Macoy.

Tin is back from the grocery but Macoy is missing.  There was some weird continuity.  First, Tin was looking for Macoy.  Then, she was back at the grocery shopping.  Then, she was looking for Macoy again at home.  I don’t know what was happening there.

They have all their ducks in a row.  Tin’s family’s worried about Macoy.  Macoy’s family is worried about Macoy.  Joey is worried about Macoy.  CJ is planning to take down Macoy.  Macoy disappeared, as originally planned.  Nobody knows where he is.  The writers have set it up for the next phase of the story.  Yes, the phase that’s full of conflicts as part of the Filipino Teleserye tradition.

So what do we have so far?  Here is what I hope is coming  … Tin.  She acknowledged her feelings for Macoy.  She knows Macoy would never leave her and would always come back for her.  My prediction is that she will break if off with CJ which will  start the chain of revenge and the wrath of the Lowery’s.  But Tin will not be happy with Macoy, she will be very upset with him while waiting.  Macoy.  Now off to nowhere.  He will find a job and fulfill his promise to his dad, he will succeed in New York but away from everybody.  CJ will eventually find him, of course.  Joey.  Good lord.  She’s in the next episode.  Please don’t let her be a part of Macoy’s next chapter. Please! Please!

In the back of my mind, I’m secretly hoping that Macoy’s father is who came to see him at the cabin.  He is now in the U.S. and helping Macoy, possibly not a TNT.   The only reason that popped in my head is because we only see (or hear) him on the phone at their house in the Philippines.  He also seems to have DEEP, DARK secrets.  In Palawan, he was constantly drunk.  When Macoy jumped ship, he seemed to understand.  It almost feels to me like he has walked this path before.  In the first two episodes, we did learn that Macoy’s father had dreams similar to Macoy’s but he seems to be a product of failure.  I think Macoy is going through the same thing but of course, our hero will succeed.

But then again, I suck at predictions.  I always see twist.  So I guess I just have to watch.

I think the  important parts of the story are the parts they skipped.  What happened that night after Tin fell asleep?  Macoy woke up early.  Did he come to any realizations?  Was he up all night?  What happened while Tin was at the grocery?

I’m pretty sure someone approached Macoy while during the times we don’t know what he’s doing.  And as previously said by Bok, Macoy always has a plan.

Best part of this episode — no Alvin/Alex or Stella.  My boldest prediction yet — Rocky, the racoon, took Macoy.  How about that for predictions?