Please No Amnesia!

April 28, 2016
Episode 44
Grade: A

I’m excited about today’s episode about mostly because I think the accident in yesterday’s “Abangan” is a turning point in the story.

Also, I learned something in this episode.  TNT’s can go to the hospital no questions asked.  But if the cops are involved, it’s a different story.  See?  Educational.  Heh.

Let’s start.

The “Nakaraan” is playing Macoy’s song in the background.  I don’t like Macoy’s song much.  I hope they change it to something else soon.   It doesn’t pull at the heartstrings.

Caitlin gives a little speech after her performance on how she loves the Philippines.  Wait.  Is that right?  I wasn’t paying attention.  I think that’s what she said.  It would have been nice if they actually showed a folk dance.  They have very good Filipino Cultural Groups here in the U.S.  Most of them are cheap because they’re put together by college students.  I was part of that when I was at UCLA.  We used to perform in local TV stations also and to endorse political candidates.  I bet they would’ve done it for free for a Filipino movie.  The dances do have stories and speak

Back to CJ and Mr. Collins (Joey’s dad/C+C investor) … Mr. Collins is worried that Tin is not 100% invested in the business because she didn’t join them for drinks.  What a baby!  You already signed the papers!

Stella and Alvin are hanging out.  Stella’s trying to show Alvin how Alex spends his time.  Apparently, he’s always trying to save money.  I don’t want to listen to them.  Not because of the topic and not because of the boring plot but because of poor dubbing.  Maybe if they dubbed it in Chinese, it’d be more interesting.  Heh.

Back at the competition, Caitlin won!  She does a really good job being a “little sister”.  I fell like taking care of her, too.  Macoy and Caitlin are really close friends now.  I think Caitlin missed the “hug cue” from Macoy though.  Heh.

Outside, the dressing room, Tin and Macoy are bonding while waiting for Myra and Tin.  They hugged.  Kiliiiiiiig!

CJ is at Tin’s apartment knocking like a mad man.  Tin is busy celebrating with her family and Macoy.  That’s hilarious.

CJ calls Tin.  They fight.  There’s someone screaming in the background.  “Annaaaaaaaaa!!!”  Sounds like a crazy lady.  Filming in the streets of New York must be quite a challenging task.  That’s probably why they had to dub the scenes with Alvin and Stella.

Meanwhile, Macoy and Myra are having a conversation and Macoy slips.  He admitted his love for Tin.  He looks pretty embarrassed about it.  Macoy had to leave for work.  He says bye to Tin who was outside still bothered by her phone conversation with CJ who was crazy jealous of Macoy.

Back at the convalescent, Alex is drunk and acting like an ass to Mr. White.  Poor Mr White.  Macoy comforts Mr. White and volunteers himself Mr. White’s family.  Mr. White also looks like he’s losing his memory.

CJ sends Tin apology flowers.  Tin doesn’t think much of it.  At least, that’s how I’m reading her expression.

Caitlin gives her trophy to Tin as appreciation for all she’s done for her.  Tin expresses her pride in Caitlin.  Family moment.  Group hug.  The family relationship has taken a turn for the better.

Back to Alex …

He’s now drunk beyond reason.  By the way, he can’t be carrying an open drink like that in public.  Is that allowed in New York?  Certainly not allowed here in my neck of the woods.  He tries to drive away but both Alvin (who happened to be walking by) and Macoy stopped him to no avail.  Alvin drove.  Alex takes the passenger seat.  Macoy rides in the backseat.

Meanwhile, Myra talks to Tin and reveals the key to Tin/Macoy breakup.  Macoy tried many times to call and send letters 3 years ago to assure Tin that he will come for her. He wanted to explain his side of the story and to let her know how much he loves her.  Myra thwarted all his efforts.  Myra thought Tin needed a fresh start and thought it was important she turned her back on her past.

At the same time as this revelation, Macoy, Alvin and Alex are still in the car arguing.   Swerving through an empty road.  There are too many drunken movements.

Tin forgave Myra.  A change of heart.  She now knows Macoy did not just let go.   There’s the requisite “crying by herself” scene in Tin’s room.  I’ve only been watching Filipino soaps less than a year but they never skip this.  This is usually followed by many comments of “great acting … wow! ”  To me, I see them as a bit “OA”.  Kim Chiu does a great job, though, of not being over the top on this.  The fake eyelashes are too thick for me to see the expression in her eyes.  But because I’ve seen her in other shows, I’m able to picture the sadness.  The fake eyelashes are “no bueno” for scenes like this.

Clark (On The Wings Of Love), to me, is the winner of the “lonesome crying”.  Awww James Reid.  I’m a bit disappointed you turned into a lovesick puppy proclaiming love whenever there’s a chance.  Okay.  you and Nadine are in-love.  Get a room!  Keep it private!  I think of him as a bit of “Tom Cruise at Oprah” now.  That was definitely when Tom Cruise started declining.  We’ll see.  They love this stuff in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the climactic scene.  Macoy is in the car with a drunken mess.  We all expect an accident.  Tin is calling.  Full orchestra music makes this so exciting.  Beyond the actors, the story, this show really has a good director.  The shots are amazing.   The flow of the story is filling.  I don’t even mind the useless subplots.  They’re inserted in such a way that I sit there and still watch every minute.  Excellent director.  After “The Story of Us”, I will follow his other work.

Macoy’s forehead is bleeding but still talking (or at least mouthing something).  Maybe he’s choking, who knows?  I think it’s not so bad.  PLEASE NO AMNESIA TWIST!!!!!!

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