Joey’s Secret

May 19, 2016
Episode 59
Grade: B

Oh, the “Nakaraan”!  The pain!  Xian Lim, I feeeeeel you.

The interesting thing about the past few days is that the subplots are gone.  No more home.  No more Alvin/Alex/Stella.  No more Miguel/Teresa/Gino.  Those are love triangles inserted for no apparent reason.  Most of the scenes are Tin/Macoy.  My guess is that the ratings are going down and they have to show more of these two characters because IT’S WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.

Macoy is in a room somewhere packing.  It’s not clear where.  Joey’s place? Maybe.  Bok’s place? No way.  A hotel?  But why is he packing rather than unpacking?  He knocks over a glass and breaks it.  He picks it up and cuts himself.  Joey tended to his wounds.  Interesting.   Macoy looked at Joey with interest or gratefulness (not sure, I get the two expressions confused all the time).  Is he remembering when young Tin helped clean his wounds on his foot back in Palawan?  That was the beginning for Macoy and Tin.  Is this the beginning for Joey and Macoy?  A little bit of foreshadowing, perhaps?  That would be disappointing because as gorgeous as Joey is (and apparently, getting more endearing by the episode), the actress that plays her cannot act.  I think, though, Xian might be able to carry the kilig scenes if their characters do end up starting a romance.  I only say that because I think only really good actors can strike a chemistry with anyone they get paired up with.  I’ve seen Xian Lim in “The Reunion” with Megan Young and in “Everything About Her” with Angel Locsin.  He seems to have chemistry with both actresses.  If acting is not a factor, I really would like to see Xian pair up with James Reid’s chinita sister, Lauren.

Meanwhile, Tin is brooding.  When I was 20, I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years.  I would sit in my room and cry about it.  Until one day, my mom comes in and asked why I was crying.  I told her I broke up with my boyfriend.  She asked, “You broke up?”.  When I said yes, she was confused.  “If YOU broke it off, why are YOU crying?”  With those simple words, I always remind myself to make a decision that will not make me miserable.  Choose happiness.  I know it can’t be helped sometimes because I’m not a completely selfish prick.  If you have to cry, cry a little only.  Don’t take too long.  The wheels on the bus goes round and round.  Yadi yadi yada. Why cry about the same crap over and over?  It seems like a waste of time.  If you really have to cry, fold laundry or do dishes.  Multi-task for crying out loud.  Don’t waste time in misery.  I hope you can understand why I have to fast forward through scenes of Tin by her lonesome crying.

I digress.  Back to the story … Mam Myra talked to Tin while she’s wallowing in self pity.  She thanks Tin for “picking” them. Tin picked money.  Not necessarily just you, Mam Myra.  Let’s not put her on a pedestal just yet.  Her only real family since childhood is Macoy.  She screwed up big time.

Nanay Aurora and Tep-tep are more characters I think are unnecessary.  They’re creating another obstacle for Macoy.  I finally concede to those that are very critical of the show.  The writers are stinking it up.  I am interested in one story alone and that is Macoy’s story.  I’m still rooting for the hero to overcome his battles and find the secret entry to a different world in the wardrobe.  There, he will meet  Aslan and be glorified as King.  Wait.  I might be mixing stories.

Anyhoo …

Macoy told Nanay Aurora and TepTep that he will stay in the US to help out a friend.  By that, he means Joey.  He has a humongous debt of gratitude to her.  Joey was eavesdropping.  Macoy and Joey exchange looks.  I’m starting to cheer for Joey.  What a nice rebound girl for Macoy.

Plotting Clodette is talking to an immigration officer, I presume. He pronounces seaman as semen.  Heehee.  It’s the little things that make me laugh.  Oh boy.  People (especially Filipino-Americans) are up in arms over the fact that Macoy was scot-free due to possibly, Clodette and Joey’s pull.  There’s no reason for the hubbub.  Deportation proceedings are still going.  He’s just out on bail.  But there’s still an implication that Immigration is reaching into Clodette’s deep pockets to make things go her way.

Macoy decides to leave his life in Joey’s hands.  Tin reminisces about the time at the lake with Macoy.  Then, she cries again.  Slap!

Okay.  I get it  She sacrificed her happiness.  Move on.  Please.

The next scene is interesting.  Joey meets with Clodette.  She demands they come clean to Macoy.  Meaning, she wants to stop pretending to help Macoy when in reality, she’s just trying to keep him in the US.

Ah!  Blackmail.   I like it.  Clodette is apparently a huge investor in Joey’s business.  She threatens to ruin Joey if Joey backs out of their deal.  Joey is not threatened.  In fact, she dares Clodette to try.  Clodette looks like she can squash Joey but I’d like to see the rivalry.

Joey takes Macoy to her grandfather’s house.  There is an American flag on the driveway.  I assume he served in the US Military.  Joey calls him Lolo Nanny.  I’m not sure if he’s the real grandfather or just her nanny who happens to be a Filipino Lolo.  I’ll assume they’re actually related.  In which case, why would you call your lolo, nanny?  Lolo Nanny is played by Eddie Gutierrez.  He was my grandparents’ favorite.  Shucks, now I miss my grandparents. He plays the part of a cool Lolo.

Back at the salon, Tin is back in the groove of things.  CJ is back to his fake self.  I haven’t recovered from yesterday’s debacle just yet.  I can’t stand CJ and Tin at this juncture.  Especially now that they’re so jolly.  Couldn’t they have focused on Macoy being happy first?  I was so sad for him yesterday.   Maybe Tin is also a villain in this show.  It sure feels like it. New York will eat her up and spit her out.  Oh yeah!

I’ll skip the conversation over coffee with CJ and Tin.  It’s a torture for me.  I don’t mean to be bipolar.  I should be happy she’s not crying anymore.  Okay.  I’ve decided I’ll be happy for Tin.

Manhattan is filled with would-be actors and actresses.  Couldn’t they have found at least one?  As a result, I completely do not understand the scene between Clodette and one of her employees talking about 6 people or something rather …

The show ends with Joey fake crying to Lolo Nanny about feeling guilty about lying to Macoy.  Macoy overhears and figures out that Joey has been hiding something from him …




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