Tin’s Biggest Mistake

May 23, 2016
Episode 61
Grade: A


The show starts with fake CJ.  He is helping get the venue ready for his wedding.  Caitlin and Myra are helping out.  They are one big happy family.  Even Caitlin who hates CJ is trying to be chums with him.

Joey breaks the news of Tin and CJ’s wedding to Macoy.  She tries to cry again.  Please.  Stop.  Practice on your own time please.

Clodette gets the invitation for the wedding in the mail.

The wedding.  I never expected this.  I cannot predict this show.  It’s great!  Macoy secretly attends the wedding.  Painfully, he witnesses the vows and the kiss.  He witnesses a happy Tin with no trace of doubt in her face.  Everybody looks happy.  They all seem to have forgotten about Macoy.  Myra. Caitlin. CJ. Tin.  I was hoping at least Caitlin would knock some sense into Tin.  No dice.

Clodette is outside the wedding venue.  Crying.  Not very well.  It’s hit or miss for Princess Punzalan.  She did not go inside.

I do follow a lot of the show’s characters on Twitter.  I’m a lurker.  This is Kim Chiu’s Tweet:

captureIt cracks me up that she had to explain her character.  To be honest, I never thought of Tin as perfect.  I did expect her to have loyalty to a childhood friend, though, at the very least.  Therein lies her bad side — the not-so-perfect side.  This made me realize the difficulty of being an actor in the Philippines.  They connect the roles played to the actual actor.  Basically, Kim Chiu, stepped out of her box.  Based on the reactions, people are shoving her back in.  They want a conservative, victorious Tin Manalo.  Also, they prefer her to be married to her loveteam partner of 50 years (well, a long time).  This might be Kim Chiu’s chance to play a slightly kontrabida role and stretch her acting prowess a bit more.  She should be given that chance.

Back home in the Philippines, Macoy arrived to learn that his father passed away.  At the cemetery, Macoy falls to the ground.  Lonesome crying for Xian Lim.  At first, I was wondering if he can pull it off.  His face was a bit stiff. One sob and he got me.  He reeled me in and gutted me.  I feel empty inside.  Wow.  I’m staring at the screen and crying like baby with Macoy.  Nanay Aurora should not have entered that scene.  If it silently faded, I would be left wondering what just happened to me.

Next scene, Macoy has picked himself back up and is ready to start his life over.  He’s still hurting but now he’s more determined than ever to succeed in life.  TepTep, Grandpa Blue and Nanay Aurora cheered him on.

Back in the states, Tin and CJ do some forced kilig scenes.  I’m a little bit disgusted by the thought of these two married.  I’ve never really seen them in love so it feels wrong.  If maybe, I didn’t know about Macoy who loves Tin truly, I might not have a problem.  But to me, she married for money, for convenience.  Marriage is so sacred in my mind.  I simply cannot accept this union.

Tin made breakfast.  Quite nicely, CJ asks for omelettes and bagels next time instead of Tin’s typical sunny-side-up eggs and croissants.  This reminds me of my ex-boyfriend who I cooked dinner for one time.  He is not Filipino.  He said he liked my beef salad but next time use butter lettuce instead of watercress.  That was enough for me to decide he is not the one for me.  We broke up two weeks later.  Heh.   I think Filipinos are taught to be grateful for whatever food is served to them.  So, as polite as CJ was, I would not like it if I heard that.  Granted.  There’s nothing wrong with what he said.  I just wouldn’t like it.

There’s also a character shift again.  CJ tells Tin about his big dreams for them.  Tin calms him down and says they have enough — a house and a business.  Tin is back to being a small-time dreamer.  I thought she had big dreams.  Dreams too big for Palawan that she felt she needed to move to the US.

Macoy accepted a job as a Development Manager.  I have to review the episode last week.  I  thought he was offered VP of Sales.  There is no continuity in this show.

At the salon, Tin is excited about adding more staff to their salon.  CJ surprises with news of a new salon in New Jersey.  The two are basically not working together.  They are doing their own thing.  This is not what a marriage should look like.

Here comes tons of problems for the Lowery’s ….



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