Kami Na Ni Tin Manalo!!!!

March 3, 2016
Episode 4
Grade: A

With flowers on her hair and bubbles on her hand, Tin is playing at the beach with Darwin.  Macoy and Bok are watching her and talking about her.  Bok, of course, is trying to convince Macoy to profess his love to Tin.  Macoy is hesitant.  For one, he thinks Tin only thinks of him as a friend.  Second, he doesn’t want to ruin what they have since they are best of friends.

Next scene, Tin gets ready for prom at Macoy’s house.  When Macoy sees her, for lack of better things to say, he compliments her “height”.  Teptep, Macoy’s brother comes up with the right words — that Tin  is beautiful.

I appreciate the simplicity of their lives.  From their house, they walk over to the venue of the prom.

Macoy is walking funny.  I wonder if this is because of the urchin sting 2 episodes ago … Tin is uneasy.  She explained because she is shy.  Macoy assures her that he will take care of her.

Macoy tells Tin that everybody’s looking at her.  Tin disagrees.  She thinks everybody is looking at Macoy.  She says it’s because he looks very handsome.

Antoinette ruins the moment by taking Macoy away while Tin sits it out.  As flirtatious as Antoinette is,  I felt bad for her.  She was promised a date but Macoy brought Tin along with him.  Can you imagine going on a date to the prom but your date has other plans? Really.  Things like this should be carefully planned so nobody gets hurt.

Meanwhile, Nanay Carmie storms to Nanay Aurora’s house looking for Tin. Da. Da. Da!

Back at the prom, Tin gets bored and started heading home but Macoy left Antoinette to stop her.  He wants to dance with Tin.

Despite Tin’s hesitation, they dance.  The conversation that follows is very sweet.  Macoy says, “… basta gusto ko, Tin.  Kung nasaan ako, nandoon ka rin”.  Tin’s smile shows she’s happy to be with Macoy.

Nanay Carmie reaches the site of the prom.  Tin’s friend tried to divert her but Antoinette helped Nanay Carmie find Tin.  She drags Tin out of the prom.  I have no idea why she wants Tin to miss the prom that badly.  I mean, Tin’s already there all dressed and dancing.  Couldn’t she have waited?  Beyond reason.  Is this provincial life?  Or lack of common sense?

Nanay Carmie and Tin argue.  I see that Tin is starting to fight back.

Back at Macoy’s house, Macoy is very worried about how Nanay Carmie treats Tin.  Like a moth to a light bulb, Tin finds Macoy.  Looks like she ran away.  They hug.  Tin cries.  Macoy cops a feel. Heh.

Macoy’s still limping.  Damn urchin!

Macoy built them a bonfire.  Tin tells him that she really wants to finish school — something Nanay Carmie doesn’t want for Tin.  Tin talks about how loving a person means dreaming for them and not wanting anything but what will be good for them.  I guess she’s questioning Nanay Carmie’s love for her.

Tin cries some more.  Tin and Macoy look deeply into each other’s eyes.  They hold hands.  She leans into Macoy.  I start dreaming it was me.  BAM!  I snapped out of it.

The next day, Slutty Gloria (no longer slutty but I cannot change nicknames) and Nanay Carmie discuss last night’s events.  Nanay Carmie talks about her hardships and why she’s a bad mother.  She says because Danny (Tin’s father) was lost at sea, that she has a child with disability, that she works so hard just to feed their family.  Danny’s been gone for 10 years.  She says if he ever comes back, she wants him to see that she took care of his children.  If he doesn’t come back, she wants to be able to say to herself she did something right.  Say WHUT???  Come again?  What exactly is she doing right?

Back at Macoy’s house where Tin spent the night, Macoy enters her room and they start to talk.  Tin talks about her frustrations.  She says her dad is never coming back and her dream of going to her mother in America will never happen.  All she has is Nanay Carmie and Darwin so she can’t leave them.  Macoy’s worried Nanay Carmie will not let her go back to school and will not let her see Macoy.  To which Tin replies, “if that’s the case then THANK YOU”.    She tells him not to worry because she has a mole on her chest which means she is strong, patient and brave.  Macoy quips that she should let him see the mole on her chest.

Tin went home later that day.  Nanay Carmie didn’t talk to Tin at all.

The next day,  we see Tin walking down the beach to go to school.  Macoy catches up to her.  He shows Tin his cap for graduation.  Macoy holds Tin’s hands.   Antoinette and her posse witness this.  Looks like Tin and Macoy are leveling up.

Macoy’s graduation.  Macoy has 7 medals on him.  Oh gosh.  The character is developing into a dream guy.  Not only is he sexy — he’s hot, he’s smart, he’s loving, he’s patient.  This reminds me of Clark Medina in “On the Wings of Love”.  Men are perfect in teleseryes.  He is the class Valedictorian.  He has a funny gown.  It’s short sleeved.  Is he just a big guy or is this how graduation gowns look in the Philippines.  He is at the podium thanking his family .  The last part of his speech thanks Tin.  “Tin, lahat ito ay para sa iyo at dahil sa iyo.”  Translation:  “Tin, all this is for you and because of you.”  See that?  Perfect man!

Beautiful Philippines on the next scene.  Tin and Macoy are taking a boat ride.  They talk about the graduation and their dreams.  Macoy says he wants them to be together — to reach their dreams together.  No one ahead and no one behind.  Tin says that even in walking, one foot is always behind the other.  I like that analogy.

This relationship is a bit lopsided.  It seems Tin loves Macoy but she doesn’t think they’re destined to be together.  She says they’re different.  No one says that to someone they want to end up with.  Am I right?

Macoy pauses then sits down to ask Tin if she knows he loves her.  She hasn’t told her about his feelings because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship but now he’s braver.  He’s braver because they’ll be separated and too many things can change (Macoy’s going to Manila for college).  He said he wants Tin to take all the happiness she can muster not because it’s what’s right but because that’s how much he loves her.  Awwww.   Tears from Tin.  Filipino actors can REALLY cry easily on cue.

Tin responds back.  She says, “I love you, too.”  Macoy is speechless and overjoyed.  This is a very cute scene!!! I can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Macoy literally jumps and shouts for joy.  Level up!  They’re now boyfriend/girlfriend.  Courtship in the Philippines is very entertaining.  They have a well-defined structure.

  1. Boy has a crush on the girl
  2. Boy announces he will “ligaw” (court)
  3. Both has to agree in “exclusive dating”
  4. Girl has to answer “YES” to “Will you be my girlfriend?” usually asked the same as “Will you marry me?”
  5. Then they are boyfriend/girlfriend.  Each one makes efforts to be close to the others’ family.  They watch movies.  Eat out.  Maybe travel.
  6. Girl has to answer “YES” to “Will you marry me?”
  7. Done.

I’m not 100% on this.  I base it on teleseryes I’ve seen so far.  Like I said, funny.  Labels are important.  There are no spontaneity.

The One Where They Become a Couple

To summarize, this episode is where they go to prom; Tin runs away; Macoy builds a bonfire and comforts Tin; Macoy’s graduation; Macoy finally tells Tin about his feelings and Tin reciprocates — they become a couple.



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