Under Pressure

May 4, 2016
Episode 48
Grade: A

Let’s start with my life which I consider more important than “The Story of Us”.  Because of this show, I decided that this year’s summer vacation will be in the Philippines.  I want to see El Nido and Coron.  I already bought our tickets.  Sadly, there is an alert for international travelers to avoid going to Palawan.  Something about beheadings and my significant other being unreasonably scared of it ….  Sigh.  I really had my mind set on Palawan.  What do you think of Palaui?  That’s as far north as we can get.  The website said it’s good for beach bumming, hiking and surfing.  I’m all for that.  Anyone have other suggestions?  I might actually like it.

Anyhoo …. Let’s roll …

At the salon, CJ is a raving lunatic.  He doesn’t seem to do well under pressure.  I think he’s mostly afraid to loose Tin.   He wants to speed up success.  They have a ribbon cutting ceremony outside the salon.  Clodette shows up.  She has a driver for her sedan.  Say what?!?  It also looks like a rental.  All the scan tags are still on the car.  Ha!

Clodette congratulates CJ and mocks his salon as “cute”.  She tells CJ that she is hiring a man named Steve Mahoney to take the position CJ gave up.  CJ is concerned.  He thinks Steven Mahoney will run The Lowery to the ground.  He’s concerned that all his parents’ hard work will be all for naught.  Clodette is touched.  Also, she offers him the job back.

At the deli, Macoy and Caitlin are chatting more than working.  Joey, the girl in the past episode that CJ set up with Macoy called with a business proposal for Macoy.

At the prison, Stella told Alvin she has to move to help her family.  Alvin is not happy about this.  So Stella walks away.  That’s the advantage of having a boyfriend in prison.  You can just runaway. Heh.  She confides in Alvin.  Alvin holds her hand.  Oopsies.  I think they are starting to fall in love.

Inside the salon, Macoy arrives at the salon full of praises for Tin.  He’s proud of Tin.  Out of nowhere appears Joey!   She and Macoy are on their way to a business meeting.  Apparently, she is offering him a job.  This doesn’t go unnoticed.  Tin is jealous.  Cailtlin, thankfully, mentions how obvious it is.

While waiting around, Macoy runs into Clodette and CJ.  Clodette wonders what Macoy is to Tin — lawyer, bodyguard of stalker.  Macoy goes on a long spiel.  Clodette knows there’s something there.  I can’t wait to see what evil scheme she has.  Bwahahaha.

Macoy and Joey went to Joey’s office.  Wow!  Joey is very curvaceous.  She basically wants Macoy to close a deal for her.

Thus, the next step …

Remember that girl from the accident?  I already forgot her name.  I shall call her amnesia girl.  Well, she’s starting to remember the 3rd person in the accident.  By the way, the girl’s name is Rachel but from her on out, I prefer to call here amnesia girl.  Decision time for our young jedi, Macoy.  He must leave his jobs so they have no way of finding him.  That is, as advised by Stella and Alvin.

It seems no one is aware of Macoy’s woes.  Tin’s family doesn’t even know about the accident.  Do they even know he’s a manager at the deli?  He’s clearly not the sharing-type.  Hmph.

At CJ’s apartment, Tin and CJ are about to have dinner.  CJ revealed his plans of expanding.  Tin is strongly against this.  They argue.  CJ’s nose flares up.  His eyes got bigger.  He threw what looks like a laptop to the ground.  He yelled at Tin to shut up.  He has a temper.  Spoiled CJ cannot handle the pressure.

At the nursing home, Macoy says goodbye to Mr. White.  He promised Mr. White he would visit.  Mr. White doesn’t believe him.  I believe you, Macoy.  I really do.

At the deli, Caitlin found out that Macoy quit.  She is not happy.  She’s having a tantrum but the cute kind, not the CJ-kind.  Macoy and Caitlin exchange the sweetest brother-sister moment.  They hugged it out.  They laughed it out.  So cute.  Tin witnesses it all.  She wants some Macoy-love.

And the final scene is one of the more kilig scenes of the season.  Macoy and Tin are at the deli.  Macoy told her about accepting a job with Joey.  Tin’s not happy about this.  Macoy quickly switches attention to Tin.  Tin is down.  She misses the computer CJ threw.  Okay.  Maybe it’s more than that.  Anyway, Macoy did that eye-mouth-hand thing he’s been doing to her ever since they were kids to make her feel better.  It worked.  They snuggle. Awww ..

What an eye candy.  I’m satisfied with my Macoy fix for the day.  Meanwhile, enjoy this classic

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