If Your Friend Jumped Off A Cliff, Would You?

March 1, 2016
Episode 2
Grade:  A


Macoy’s family boat is taken.  They weren’t able to pay their debts (from the last episode).

The next day, Macoy, along with his friend looks for “rackets” (side jobs).  They were able to acquire a job to sell island activities to tourists.  He will get commission for every referral.  Macoy knows the islands well.  Macoy speaks English well.  Macoy is good at everything.  Macoy should sell island activities.

Cut to Tin walking with an older lady by the beach.  She compliments Tin on how well she sells.  Tin tells her she’s good with business because she has a mole on her palm.  She is offered a job to sell bags.  She gets a commission for every purse she sells.

On the same beach, Macoy talks to tourists and tries to sell some island activities.

He sees Tin selling purses and souvenirs.  They say hi and tell each other briefly about their new jobs.  Macoy wishes Tin luck but before he realized it, he put his hand on her arm to tell her to take care.  A moment. Uuuuuuuuuy.  They tried to play it down and walk off in different directions.  Macoy looks back to steal a final glance.

Macoy and friend were eating when Macoy saw Tin.  Like a moth to a lightbulb, Macoy greets Tin.  He asks where she is going.  She tells him she’s buying something.  Macoy tags along and as they walk,  we see Macoy taking care of Tin by watching her steps to make sure she’s safe.  To me this is reminiscent of “Say Anything”.  Remember the scene where they were walking and the boy kicks off some broken glass in front of the girl so she doesn’t step on it.  Very simple.  Very nonchalant but very sweet.  It really is the small things that count.

They pass by a group of kids singing Christmas carols.  They stop and watch.  Tin shares that she is excited about Christmas because that is when her father is coming home.  Something tells me Tatay Danny is not coming home.

Back at Macoy’s house, we see Grandfather Blue talking to Macoy’s teacher.  His teacher came by to look for Macoy because he hasn’t been going to school.  Grandfather Blue tells her that they are not aware of this.  We find out that Macoy is actually the smartest kid in his class.  Macoy’s father joins the conversation and finds out what Macoy did.

Next scene, Macoy’s father and teacher are walking by the beach looking for Macoy.  He finds Macoy selling some activities to the tourists and gives him the loving embrace of a switch*.  Macoy begs him to stop and Macoy explains he doesn’t like to see his father hurting so he had to do this for their family first.  He wants to save up money so they can get their boat back.

* A switch has nothing to do with an embrace, and the only sense that it could be called ‘loving’ is the tough love any punished child is enduring. Seriously, it SUCKS.

Apparently, the use of a switch is either a Southern phenomenon, or a country one- I’ve heard both now. But regardless of its origins/ use regionally, a switch is essentially a very thin branch taken from something such as a weeping willow, a hibiscus (the source I enjoyed), or other such plants.

Next scene, Macoy’s father is pensive as Macoy approaches him.  Macoy apologizes for disappointing him.  Macoy is handsome.  10 year old me would have a poster of him  in by bedroom wall for sure.  Macoy said he thinks he is the reason for his father’s hardships and drunkenness.  Macoy’s father said this is not true and that Macoy is actually who is making him strong.  Macoy promises him that he will complete his studies and someday be on the wall of fame in their city’s museum.  Looks like a change is coming.

Young Macoy (Zaijian Jaranilla) can really cry.

Macoy’s father tells him about his childhood dream of also being on the city’s wall of fame.  He hopes Macoy will someday fulfill this dream for both of them.

Next scene must be a few days later.  Macoy’s father picks him up at school. Looks like he has mended his ways.  Macoy’s very happy.  Macoy’s dad sees Macoy’s teacher and invites her to have merienda (afternoon snack) with them.  He’s smitten.

Carmy works at a resort as a masseuse.  Her client tells her that she gives really good, cheap massages and advises her to work abroad to make money there.  I’m not sure how many work visas get approved for this type of work, but if a random tourist says so …. I’ll bite.

Carmy volunteers information that her daughter wants to work in America.  Why would a mother mention that to a stranger? Smack!

We see Tin carrying baby Darwin.  She sees Macoy collecting seashells and introduces him to her brother.  Macoy is collecting seashells for their Christmas tree.  Tin replies they have no Christmas tree.  Macoy offers to show her what he was planning to do with the shells.

Macoy makes Tin a Christmas tree for their house.  They talk about how Macoy got scolded by his father for not going to school.  Tin looks at his forehead and tells him it means he is very smart.  He should go to school.  It is revealed that Macoy’s mother died during child birth.

After the tree was done, Macoy tells Tin to make a wish.  Tin wishes that her father and mother comes home so they can be a whole family again.  We learn that Tin’s bio-mom is actually alive and living in the US.  Tin wants to someday go to America.  She asks Macoy if he also wants to.  Macoy doesn’t.

Carmy walks in and basically dismisses Macoy.  Carmy really doesn’t like Macoy.  I wonder why.

Slutty Gloria and Carmy talk about Tin’s mother.  We learn more about Tin’s mother.  Carmy says she’s the one who was there when Tin’s mother left.  She accepted Tin’s father Danny and Tin wholeheartedly.  She always felt that Danny still loved Tin’s mother and that Carmy is just a filler.  She hopes Danny would return soon.

Next scene.  A Christmas fiesta.  Macoy arrives with his family and a friend.  Tin arrives with her family and slutty Gloria.  Macoy and Tin find each other.  Seriously, these two kids are great.  Awwwww puppy love.  Shucks.

Grandfather Blue is trying to get Macoy’s dad and teacher together.  You know how that will end.

A conversation between young Tin and young Macoy.   A sweet conversation.  They need a teenage flick soon.

Next day.

Macoy visits Tin at her place.  Macoy’s hair is fixed and Tin notices.  More kilig scenes from these two.  I’m not kilig because they’re still so young but oh, so much promise.

Macoy gives Tin a gift.  He gives her books she can read to Darwin.  That’s a thoughtful gift.  Completely non-materialistic.  I like gifts like this, well-thought out gifts.   I see Darwin.  That boy actor doesn’t have down syndrome.

Bad news.  Tin’s tatay’s boat sunk and they found a few bodies.  Tin and her mother were asked to see if they can identify their dad’s body anywhere. Credits to the directing and editing on this one.  The music, slow motion, Carmy and young Tin gave me the chills.  I didn’t cry but I felt really sad.

Tin runs to Macoy’s cliff  and Macoy follows her.  She called out for her dad but she was crying so much, she couldn’t keep going.  So Macoy took over and started calling out.  Macoy comforts Tin.  We collectively hope that Tin will always have Macoy by her side.

Next day.  Macoy picks up Tin for school.  Tin’s not going because stepmaw is looking for a job and there’s no one to watch her brother.  Macoy insists she doesn’t miss school.  He helps her find a way.

Tin’s at school.  Baby Darwin is being carried by her teacher while she taught the class.  Wow.  Everybody needs a friend like Macoy.

Nighttime at Tin’s house.  Carmy and Slutty Gloria discuss whether or not she should give Tin away.  Tin overhears.

Next morning, Tin wakes up early and prepares breakfast.  She started crying when Carmy entered the room.  She begged not to be given away.  I think she softened up Carmy.

Back at Macoy’s cliff, Macoy cheers up Tin.    He makes her close her eyes and then he shapes her lip into a smile.

Macoy etches Tin’s name on the same rock where he etched his (shown in the last episode).  Now, it’s THEIR cliff.  Macoy tells Tin that this is his favorite place because he can jump off the cliff into the water.  Macoy tries to get Tin to jump with him.  She doesn’t want to.  Macoy tells her not to worry because he’s there and he won’t let anything happen to her.  Tin tells him she doesn’t know how to swim.  Macoy says she lives in an island, she should learn how to swim.   He also told her her she doesn’t have to jump and to just do so when she’s ready …

Next scene, they jump together (because if Macoy asks you to jump off a cliff, you don’t say no … you ask how high)

Macoy  teaches Tin how to swim.  This could easily turn into the “Blue Lagoon” but it didn’t.  We see the beautiful ocean floor.   We see beautiful Palawan.  We see young Tin swimming.  We see Tin and Macoy now grown up.  We see abs.  We see glorious, topless abs.  We drool a little.  I drool some more.  I forgot where I was going with this …

Watch this episode just for these beautiful shots.  This show is making me want to see Palawan.  I just saw “All You Need is Pagibig” and I have booked my flight to Coron for August.  I hope there’s no typhoon.  But I just have to see this place and experience it.  Hopefully, I can visit Macoy and Tin’s island as well.  Also going to Da nang, Vietnam.  Anyone been there?  Give me tips on the comments please.  Thank you.

Back to Macoy’s abs … I mean, The Story of Us!

They got out of the water and hey-O!  Macoy. “Hunk-a-burnin-love” Macoy!  I think this might be the episode where he stepped on a sea urchin.  I learned this in one of their interviews.  Xian Lim accidentally stepped on a sea urchin during filming but didn’t complain about the pain until the take was over.  Manly man, that Xian Lim.

I hate toe shots. Wiggly toes are creepy.  Toes in the foreground of a beautiful beach backdrop is unnecessary.  I curse at every person who impose their toes upon me with their Facebook posts.  But this toe shot of Xian Lim, I will excuse for two reasons:  1)  He’s hot; 2) I want to see what a sea urchin sting looks like.  It’s pretty gnarly.

Pain level over 1000!!!! #theStoryofUs Urchinnnnnn😭

A photo posted by Xian Lim (@xianlimm) on

While digging through his Instagram for this, I found that he loves bananas.   Banana is the world’s most perfect food!  No need to slice it.  No need to wrap it.  No need to wash it.  Eat it raw.  Eat it broiled.  Eat it grilled.  Eat it boiled.  Eat it fried.  Eat it diced.  Eat with rice.  Eat it with ice cream. If it rots, make banana bread.  If it’s not yet ripe, warm it.  Need I say more?  It goes with everything!  Yet another reason to like Xian Lim.  His bashers don’t realize what a perfect man he is.


Grading this A because it’s a must-watch.  First two episodes sets up the characters.  Regardless of all other factors, you cannot skip first few episodes.

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