Those Villainous Eyes

April 27, 2016
Episode 43
Grade: C

The show starts with the most boring substory — the two brothers.  Alex punches Alvin, the younger brother.  Anger.  Apologies.  Yadi yadi yada …  Older brother is being a jerk.

At work, Alex gets agitated when he found a woman who accidentally wet herself in the hallway.  Macoy comes to the rescue.  I think we will now see a speedy downward spiral for Alex.  Remember how strong a character he was when the show started.  Hardworking, full of hope.  He has none of that now.

Back at someone’s apartment, Tin and CJ drink wine.  CJ doesn’t think highly of Macoy for turning down his friend.   He thinks Macoy is a snob.  CJ’s an ass.  Just because you like someone, doesn’t mean everybody will, CJ!  Write a blog if you want to let it out!  There’s a side story to that setup.  I believe it’s not over yet.  That girl was way too interested in Macoy when CJ was calling Macoy to set up dinner.  She hasn’t even seen him.  I think there’s an understanding between CJ and her.  It’s more than just a blind date.  We’ll see.  To the prediction tracker!

We see more regret or doubt on Tin’s part about CJ.

Back at the convalescent, Macoy is talking to Alex about his temper and excessive drunkenness.  In the end, Alex realizes Macoy knows all about his younger brother not wanting to be in the US.  Alex is now also upset with Macoy.

Alvin decided to move in with Stella, Alex’s girlfriend.  sigh.  That’s trouble.

Now the cutest part of this episode.  Macoy is helping Caitlin come up with her performance at a dance competition.

Macoy is outside Tin’s building with Caitlin and Myra.  They’re singing, dancing, joking around.  They have formed a bond.  Macoy-Caitlin rapport is excellent.  Caitlin asked Macoy ever so sweetly to be part of her performance.  Macoy reluctantly agrees.

Macoy shares with them that Tin also used to dance Caitlin’s dance in Palawan.  They briefly showed this on the 3rd episode when Tin was showing her friend by the beach how to do “Pandango sa Ilaw”.  Macoy says Tin would be very proud of her.  Caitlin doesn’t believe him.

They joke some more.  They are having so much fun outside.  I would enjoy hanging out with these people.  From her bedroom, Tin overhears and looks out the window.  She was surprised to see Macoy there.  Tin went downstairs to watch them.  As she was longingly staring at Macoy, he catches her.  So she hides.  She’s feeling something for Macoy …

Myra sees Tin and invites her to watch Caitlin’s performance.  Tin says she might be busy.

Back at their apartment, Tin, Myra, Caitlin and Macoy are cleaning up after merienda.  They’re a happy family.  Caitlin is completely participating in the interactions, even helping Macoy clean up.  We see a “new and improved” Caitlin — no more teenage angst.

Back in the Alex/Alvin/Stella substory, Alvin accidentally sees Stella putting lotion on her legs.

Whatever happened to Gino/Miguel/Teresa triangle?  Wow this show has three love triangles so far!

Macoy and Tin scene.  Macoy asks Tin to watch Caitlin’s performance.  Macoy reminds Tin of how she was with Darwin.  How she would always find time for Darwin no matter how busy she was.  Tin thanks Macoy for getting along well with Caitlin.  She recognizes that Caitlin is closer to Macoy than she is to Tin.  Tin hopes that she’ll have the same relationship with Caitlin someday.

Now we see Clodette!  Supposedly, Macoy’s real mom (according to some comments I saw on TFC).  I want this story to unravel soon. Clodette ‘s secretary tells her about C+C’s “soft opening”.  C+C is the name of Tin and CJ’s new salon.

James Reid and Bryan Santos
The Sympathetic Yet Villainous Doppelganger

CJ still acts like an ungrateful son.  This is the first time I’ve seen Princess Punzalan’s evil eyes.  I’m a little scared of her.  I haven’t seen her as Selina.  I often read about this as the role that defined her.  I can imagine her a real good villain.  CJ has the face of a villain also.  It’s the skin.  Evil characters have bad skin.  Heh.

He’s James Reid’s Bizarro —  a “sympathetic yet villainous doppelganger”.  It must be the hair.  They look very similar to me.  Both are good looking, one just looks more villainous than the other.

Next we see Clodette sitting in her car watching CJ put up a sign at C+C.  She says quietly, “good job, son!”  So all that was to motivate her son to go off on his own?  That can’t be the end of her plans.  Is it?  I need more evil from her.

Performance day — Tin doesn’t show up.  She’s with CJ signing papers with their investor.  Now I feel bad.  CJ doesn’t look evil here.  It must be the yellow lighting making his skin look softer.   Their going out for drinks after signing.   It looks like Tin really won’t make it.

Macoy’s disappointed that Tin didn’t make it.  Caitlin is disappointed also. But wait!  Tin left CJ and their investor.  She’s going to watch the performance.  Go Tin!!!  She has all the power here after all.  Without her, the business won’t do well.  She didn’t need to be in that meeting.

Macoy sings the same song he sang to Tin on the boat back at Palawan.  Caitlin dances some kind of folk dance.  The outfit says “Pandanggo sa Ilaw” but I see no candles.  So she’s basically just moving her arms around.  Hmph.  I was hoping for a hiphop folk dance.  Even this would satisfy my expectations:

In the middle of their performance, Tin shows up.  Both Macoy and Caitlin are overjoyed.  I love the look on Caitlin’s face.  Tin reminisces about their time in Palawan upon hearing the song.  Macoy’s smiling and ever so cute.

The “abangan” is interesting.  I knew Tin would eventually accept that she has feelings for Macoy.   But Macoy getting into an accident with head bleeding?  That came out of nowhere.  What will he do?  He can’t go to the hospital.  Several scenarios run in my head:

  • Tin will marry Macoy so he’s not deported
  • Macoy will need blood and his only match is his brother CJ (or his mother Clodette)
  • And the one I hope for — when looking for “Ferdinand Sandoval” records at the hospital, they find out he’s actually an American citizen.  Clodette gave birth to him in the U.S. but she left Macoy with his father as an infant.  Macoy’s father, the one who loves Palawan so much, came back to Palawan without Clodette.
  • Please don’t let Macoy have amnesia.


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