Where It All Started

Tin gets a call from Jeremy.  Carmi’s missing.  Carmi’s calling off the wedding.

Macoy’s on his way to the mayor’s house.  Tin is on the way out of the mayor’s house.  Big questions is whether or not they will meet.  Macoy’s happy in the van.  Tin’s stressed waiting for a ride.  Golly these two are never on the same page.  Tin’s ride arrives.  Right behind is Macoy. They don’t meet.

The mayor is proposing a government partnership with Macoy.  Macoy meets the mayor’s wife.  He recognizes the haircut.

Jeremy’s accent is Canadian.

Wendy spots Macoy at the mayor’s house.  Wendy has a conundrum.  She doesn’t know what to do with her new information about Macoy.  She’s stress-eating.

Macoy brings home news to Lucia of the government partnership.  With Lolo Pido, the three celebrate.  I’m confused about Macoy/Lucia relationship.  In love or just friends?  I don’t know.

Jeremy and Tin finds Carmi at the Darwin’s grave site.  Carmi makes a stand and tells Jeremy she’ll never leave Palawan.  Jeremy speaks Tagalog!  Jeremy understands Carmi and agrees to stay in Palawan to make her happy.

Wendy finally finds Tin.  Tin told her she realized that Jeremy and Carmi had the same problem as her and Macoy.  One wanted to stay in the Philippines, the other in the US.  The difference is that one of them gave way for the other.  Stupid Tin.  Macoy was willing to do ANYTHING.  It’s Tin who didn’t give it a chance.   Wendy decided not to tell Tin.

This is the turning point for me.  Tin is too stupid to deserve Macoy’s love.  Can’t have your cake and eat it, too.

Macoy and Lucia have a conversation back home.  The gist is that Macoy likes that Lucia makes him laugh.  Lucia said she doesn’t want Macoy to just laugh.  She wants him to be truly happy.  Macoy doesn’t remember the last time he was happy.  Macoy swears that from here on out, he chooses to be happy.

Tin flashbacks.  She remembered when they first looked at each other, when they fell off the cliff, when Macoy etched their names on the rock, when they both first jumped off the cliff, when they planned their wedding.  Macoy said he will marry her anywhere.  He will come for her no matter where she is.  The flashback is all about their “dating tagpuan”.

Oh, Tin!  You wasted that love.  For what?  So you can have the comfortable, yet lonely life in the US? Tsk tsk

This reminds me.  I think Tin was already 17-18 when she first jumped off the cliff.  It took her years to trust Macoy.  Also, Tin let go of Macoy at the cliff when they were children.  This was foreshadowing of the future.  She lets go when times were hard.  She doesn’t truly trust Macoy to get them through.

As the title says, this episode revolves around their old meeting place which is the cliff.  Macoy takes Lucia to this same cliff.  Macoy and Lucia sees the rock where Macoy etched his and Tin’s name.  He is deeply saddened by the sight of this.  He shares his pain with Lucia.  He tells her that this is where they met and where they started to fall in love.  This is also where he will end it.  He’s not sure yet if it’s over but he wants it to be.  He just doesn’t know how to do it.  He starts to erase their names off the rock.  Lucia stopped him.  She said he should keep his memories because they are part of who he is.  Wifey material.  She’s very understanding.

May I pause briefly to admire Xian Lim and his hair?  …



We see Tin walking towards the cliff as Macoy and Lucia are leaving.  I think Destiny is not on their side anymore.  At least, destiny doesn’t think it’s time for them to meet yet.

Tin sees their names on the rock.  Erased.  Again, she cries.  Oh, Good Lord.  This is now all too repetitive.  Tin is a cry baby.

Tomorrow’s hashtag is #TSOUAbotKamay which means “within reach”.  Based on the preview, Lucia will reveal her true feelings to Macoy.  So I think “happiness is within reach”.

The narrator keeps talking about “Destiny” arranging their meeting.  Maybe the powers-that-be will give in to the fans and give us a cliche TiCoy ending.

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