Starting Over

June 2, 2016
Grade: A

Tin is still hesitant to go back to the Philippines.  She knows she will see Macoy if she goes there.  She doesn’t want to disrupt his life.  Caitlin and Myra tried to convince her to go anyway because the chances are very slim that they will meet.  What convinced Tin, though, is the memory of her late brother, Darwin.  So it looks like she’s going back to the Philippines.

Nanay Carmi and Tin appear to be best of friends now.  Remember when she tried to sell Tin?

Grandpa Blue and Macoy are walking along the beach when Macoy is accosted by the locals chanting “Super Macoy” — in reference to yesterday’s heroic rescue of Tuning.

Out of the blue, Lucia calls.  Sweet Lucia.  She surprised Macoy.  She is now at El Nido.  In what is the sweetest moment of the past weeks, Lucia and Macoy run to each other at the beach.  Macoy stopped when they were close enough and says hi.  This isn’t enough for crazy, adorable Lucia who thinks Macoy should whisk her.  So they tried running towards each other.  This time, Lucia jumped into Macoy’s very muscular arms as Macoy spun her around.  So funny and sweet.  I’m all smiles.

Meanwhile, Caitlin, Myra and Tin arrive in Manila and was met by Nanay Carmie and her fiancee, Jeremy.  Jeremy looks way too young for Nanay Carmie.  In fact, he looks younger than Tin.

This is the first time Nanay Carmie and Nanay Myra meet.  As Carmie was leaving, Myra stopped her to thank her for taking care of Tin after Myra abandoned her.  They hugged and complimented each other.  They think Tin is lucky to have two mothers.  Um.  I still haven’t forgotten how bad these two mothers were.  Neither of them liked Macoy for Tin.  Myra eventually had a change of heart but she was basically responsible for splitting the two.  Nanay Carmi also tried to split the two by selling Tin to one of her customers.  Like I said, they’re terrible mothers who should not be patting themselves on the back.  They’re lucky to have Tin for a daughter not the other way around.


Macoy and Lucia meet the townspeople again.  Macoy introduced Lucia to everybody.  She is an investor in Macoy’s project and also, someone who will start a business in Palawan, a business that will provide jobs.  Again, Macoy and Lucia work together to convince the people of El Nido and once again, they are victorious.

Macoy and Lucia dine together after the meeting.  Macoy prepares a plate for Lucia who is obviously moved by this gesture.  But she makes it light by quipping that she will eat a lot of rice so she will become “chubby”.  Grandpa Blue told her Macoy likes chubby girls.

Macoy and Lucia are definitely progressing forward in their personal relationship.  Although, only Lucia is vocal about her admiration for Macoy, Macoy looks quite smitten as well.  He often steals glances and is happier when Lucia is around.  They are very cute and sweet to each other that sometimes they are mistaken for a couple.

The show ends with Tin arriving at Palawan and Macoy seeing a high school friend who mentions that Nanay Carmie is getting married and that Tin might be attending the wedding.

The episode is aptly titled Square One.

Macoy’s starting from the very beginning but this time, with Lucia.  The two seem to make a good team.  This is the same as how Macoy and Tin were during the days they sold fish.  Macoy would catch the fish but Tin was the one who was able to sell it to the tourists.  Lucia seems a better version of Tin in that she is also “magaling”.  This is how Macoy described Tin to Caitlin when he talked about how Tin would sell seashells in Palawan.  Lucia is also great at convincing people to agree with her.  The biggest difference between Tin and Lucia is that Tin never really believed and trusted Macoy as much as Lucia does.  Macoy’s relationship with Tin was all about him working to keep them at the “same pace”.   Tin was too busy fulfilling her own dream to be part of Team Macoy.

Tin is also starting from the beginning.  No business.  No job.  No husband.  She has to start from square 1 but her challenge is different.  She progressed too fast in life.  She needed to go back and try to wrap up everything she left unfinished — Darwin, Carmi, Macoy and possibly, her Tatay Danny.


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