The Craptacular Ending – Dumba$$ Macoy

This will be a short one as this is the most craptacular ending of all time so you will have to watch it yourself as I was only paying half attention during the entire finale.

Macoy and Tin are still stranded on an island and along came a series of questions which I will paraphrase:

Macoy:  If you were to do it over again, would you go to the US?
Tin:  Yes, I did that for my family so I would.

Tin:  If you were to do it over, would you have broken it off with me?
Macoy:  No.  I regretted that.

Macoy:  If you were to do it over, would you pick me instead of CJ?
Tin:  Yes.

Macoy:  Can I have a haircut?

They made out during the haircut.  Cheap.  Cheap. Cheap.  All of the sudden, I’m supposed to just buy into this love.  The love that broke my heart thousand times over.

Dumba$$ Macoy!  I was preparing to be a super fan but I just fell off the train and got ran over.  Twice.  This blog is the extent of my fandom.  I’m back to those other two from the competing network, Kapuso — DongYan.  I like those two in every movie and teleserye they made together.  Yes, including the one with the amnesia plot.

Macoy stopped himself as he was kissing Tin probably because of guilt.

CJ and Lucia came to their rescue.  Lucia noticed something was different about Macoy.  Nanay Aurora noticed something was different about Macoy.

Macoy admits to Lucia that he loves Tin more.  Poor Lucia.

CJ wants Tin back.  Tin said no.

Lucia confronts Tin but gives way to TiCoy love.

CJ confronts Macoy and also gives way to TiCoy love.

Tin says goodbye to Macoy but says she’ll be back because she loves him very, very much.  Macoy tells her he won’t stop her because he wants her to be happy.

Two years later, they’re both in Palawan.  Tin is pregnant.  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!  They should NOT be reproducing.  Too much stupid genes.  That will be one super-idiot child.  (My chinese joke:  TWO WONGS DON’T MAKE A WHITE!!! … get it? haha I crack myself up sometimes) Well, Macoy and Tin shouldn’t reproduce … Kim and Xian would have cute babies.  Also, Tin’s baby will be the shape of a rolled up towel.

I don’t feel kilig.  I’m more grossed out than anything else.  They’re both dumb.  The show is dumb.  What a waste of time.

The slutty opportunist who uses her body to advance herself gets the happy ending.  Everything Clodette said about Tin was true.

As far as what I got out of this movie.  I hate Macoy’s character.  He’s a doormat.  Yuck!  At first, I liked him because I always thought he’d redeem himself being as smart as he is — Valedictorian, Suma Cumlaude, “Can Do” spirit.  I was waiting for that moment when he would rise above it all.

Macoy and Tin (in the immortal words of Homer Simpson) are the “suckiest bunch sucks that ever sucked”!  Adjective, noun and verb.  I don’t know how much more I can emphasize that word.

I will continue to follow Xian Lim’s work, though.  I think he’s just starting to break out.  However, here is what I learned.  Most actors in the Philippines don’t get to pick their roles.  They’re assigned a role.  So, I can’t really count on Xian Lim movies to be good.  It’ll be hit or miss no matter what.  There are certain actors who always pick great scripts and can count on them to make great movies:  Johhny Depp, Harrison Ford, Keanu Reeves, Tom Hanks.  But Filipino actors don’t have the luxury of picking work.  They are hired as contractors for networks.

I’m not a fan of Kim Chiu so I probably won’t follow her work.  She acts the same no matter what her character demands.  But to be fair, I’ve only seen movies/teleseryes she made with Xian Lim.  One thing I like about her is that she looks freakishly like my mom.  No joke.  This is actually how KimXi caught my attention.  She’s also Cebuano and so is my mom.  Uncanny!  But that’s about it.  Not a fan of her music.  Not a fan of her dancing.  So unless she has a new  parlor trick, there’s not much to look forward to.  Playing drums in a concert doesn’t do it for me especially when there are so many false starts.  It’s only good if she knew more than one song or can easily jam to anything.  Otherwise, she’s just a poser (sorry, Xian, my love, if I’m insulting your girlfriend).

I’m now a fan of Shaina Magdayao.  She doesn’t have to do all sorts of face contortion when crying but you feel everything. She’s really good. I’m amazed by her.  I also like the way she carries herself, he poise.

It all started with OTWOL.  The first teleserye I watched (EVER!) and liked.  In less than a year, I’ve watched the following:

  • Got To Believe
  • Pangako Sayo
  • (some) Dolce Amore
  • My Binondo Girl
  • Ina Kapatid Anak
  • Everything About Her
  • Bride For Rent
  • Bakit Hindi Ka Crush ng Crush Mo
  • Past Tense
  • Must Date a Playboy
  • Marimar
  • Dyesebel
  • Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang
  • Endless Love
  • My Beloved
  • (that movie with Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga)
  • She’s The One
  • Just The Way You Are
  • All You Need Is Pagibig
  • And of course, The Story Of Us

That’s a LOT in less than a year!  So now I bid Filipino cinema farewell.  KimXiSerye ruined it for me.  I thought they’re good enough that they would even survive a tragic ending.  But apparently, the “powers-that-be” don’t believe that.  I now think they will just keep getting crap work.  I must go back to good ol’ believable American TV Series and maybe some Korean and Taiwanese soaps.  Heh.   I’m Taiwanese-Filipino who grew up in Korea and US so it’s about roots yo!

So I will familiarize myself with those languages again also.  Filipino teleseryes helped me remember Tagalog.  Just the other day, I spoke to my cousin and he commented that he’s never heard me speak Tagalog before.  I didn’t realize I never spoke it.  I’ve always understood it well enough to know I can carry a conversation in Tagalog.  Now, I absolutely know that I can.

I’m still going to the Philippines in July to watch Xian Lim’s concert (and yes, to see Palawan and Coron) but I can’t even look at Xian Lim right now.  I have to put lovey on timeout.  When you see those empty seats in the VIP section, think of me, Xian.  Or not.

Actually, it’s all coincidence that I will be there in July.  I’m there for a big family vacation.  I’m excited.

Just saw this on Xian Lim’s IG account.   I still say, this is not about “never giving up”.  This is about stupidity and hopelessness.  There is no way that would work out in real life.  The lesson you’re basically imparting is to never give up beyond all hope, beyond all logic.  The problem is this will most likely lead in despair.  Life should not be that hard, my little Jedi.  Life should be easy.  You make a plan.  You work  towards it.  Once in awhile, you stop and appreciate where you are and what you have.  You live.  You laugh.  You enjoy.  You build relationships.  You keep some.  You lose some.  You make a positive difference in people’s lives.  Most importantly, along your journey, try not to step on anyone.  Simple.

In fact, I once read a quote that the meaning of life is to hang around until you get used to it.  We have one life to live.  There’s no need to challenge ourselves with Macoy’s kind of life and love.  It’s moronic!

This is, again, the age-old argument of brain vs heart.  We all know the purpose of the heart is to pump blood.  The love we feel?   That’s the brain detecting pheromones through VNO by the terminal nerve in the nostrils.  So that when you’re attracted to someone, the brain releases chemicals causing our hearts to pump faster.  The brain pumps the heart, the heart pumps blood to the brain.  This symbiotic relationship is what I’m talking about.  You use both heart and brain!  One without the other will not work.

I still think Macoy’s life would be better alongside someone like Lucia.  Relationships go through tests.  TiCoy love already failed the ultimate test.

Those who buy into the “First Love Never Dies” don’t know what they’re talking about.  “My poor future husband” — if that’s true.  My husband will have all of me.  I can guarantee that.  By the time we find each other, my first love feelings will be gone.  Heck, it’s gone now and we dated 5 years.  Feelings die.  First love feelings die.  Some even theorize that love actually only lasts about 4 years.  After that, relationships go through a shift.  I can get into that but unfortunately, I’ve already gone on forever.  Oh, Xian, even though you’re talking nonsense I still *heart* you.

THIS.  This is the woman Macoy gave up.  Vibrant, bubbly, understanding, caring Lucia.  Say it with me.  Dumba$$ Macoy!!!

My beautiful, bright and colorful journey as #Lucia 🦄 One of this years beautiful surprises 🌼 Im glad I said YES to this shows book 2 💕 Its been a lovely journey 🌅 Thank you #TheStoryOfUs family, cast and crew, our dearest hardworking and very maalaga staff (💌 much love to our EP Ms Edlyn, our Ever supportive Asst directors ) most especially to @starcreativestv and our directors Direk Will and my love Direktora THE CGM ❤️ @kaybash1326 💜 #inaweasitrisesandsets 💯 💌💌💌 and to everyone who were touched by #Lucia ‘s happy bubbly vibes, salamat for the love and warm welcome 📸 chick chack 😉 all the lovely memories 📸 while doing this show, are now stored in my ❤️ #Repost @sgmshainaticz with @repostapp ・・・ Maraming maraming salamat po sa pagtanggap at pagmamahal nyo kay Lucia Cristobal ❤❤❤ salamat @starcreativestv , direk @kaybash1326 at sa bumubuo ng #TSOU sa pagbigay ng buhay at kulay sa karakter ni #Lucia we will surely miss her being bubbly, energetic, and most especially her positive vibes always 😍❤😊 and to our princess @shaina_magdayao congratulations!!!! You nailed it again!!!👊👍❤😊 it was an excellent job!!! We are all very proud of you!!!❤💋😆 #ShainaMagdayao #LuciaMoments #TeamShaina

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3 thoughts on “The Craptacular Ending – Dumba$$ Macoy

  • June 26, 2016 at 9:01 pm

    Totally agree! DumbMacoy 😏

  • June 20, 2016 at 10:51 am

    I agree with you. I did not even watch the ending because I read in Facebook that they ended up together. Very stupid, very predictable because it’s all for the fans. And it teaches such a bad lesson..that you can choose money over the one you love as long as it’s for your family, and that idiot someone will take you back in the end anyhow, no matter how painful and humiliating it was for him. DUMB.

    • June 29, 2016 at 11:54 am

      Great minds think alike! Fortunately, I’ve moved on. I wasn’t as affected as I thought now that I’ve re-read everything. I must have been really upset. I stand by what I said though. That is one of the worst ending in the history of bad endings. I’d put it up there with the cartoon I watched years ago when the hunter shot Babar’s mom.


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