Macoy Finds A New Squeeze

May 25, 2016
Episode 63
Grade: A

Tin is now working at the New Jersey salon.  New York branch is still closed.

We learn that Clodette is opening a salon in New Jersey.  CJ is ticked off.

Macoy has ambitious plans for El Nido.  He wants to more than just build homes.  He wants to build a self-supporting, thriving community.  He wants to bring in jobs for the locals of El Nido.  This makes a lot of sense.  Macoy says that most people in El Nido eventually leave to find livelihood elsewhere because there are not many jobs in El Nido?  If they were to build homes there, who would stay in those homes if they all eventually leave.  I think the challenge will be how to build in Palawan.  Not just homes but business, manufacturing factories, etc..

The bosses are leery but they trust Macoy enough to give it a go IF he finds an investor within a week.  Macoy takes on the challenge.  This has been Macoy’s dream for El Nido ever since he was a child — a dream he didn’t share with Tin.  Tin was more focused on moving to the US.

CJ and Tin are trying to get a loan for their business but they got declined.  Projections for their business are not good because of the pressure from Lowery’s.  Their financial adviser suggested that they start a business in the Philippines.  Ha!  So Tin might still end up in the Philippines.  She should have just gone home with Macoy!  Oh sweet justice!

Macoy met with his first potential investor but he was not very successful.  On the bright side, he ran into Lolo Nanny/Lolo Luis.  Over drinks, they talk about how things are doing.  Lolo Luis asks about Macoy’s heart.  Macoy says that he should’ve have forgotten about Tin a long time ago anyway.  Is this denial or a realization that he and Tin were never meant to be?  He accidentally left his proposal with Lolo Luis when they parted.

Meanwhile, Tin gets a visit from one of her clients, Annika.  She wants to invest in Tin’s business because she heard of C+C’s financial problems but only if the salon is in the Philippines.  Seriously?  Smells like another Clodette scheme.

Macoy’s week to secure an investor is up and he still hasn’t made any headway.  But in a surprisingly glorious twist as he was about to tell his bosses that he couldn’t find an investor, they told him that he now has one.  Lolo Luis walks in to Macoy’s delight.   The investor is his granddaughter, Lucia Cristobal.  She was smitten by Macoy.  She couldn’t take her eyes off him.  Macoy also looks a bit intereseted in her but less.

We are introduced more to Lucia Cristobal.  She lives with her grandparents who she calls DaddyLolo and MommyLola.  We also see that she’s a hopeless romantic who memorizes lines from movies.  She’s also been heartbroken many times.  She tells her grandparents that she only has a “crush” on Macoy.

Tin and CJ continue to have problems.  They have to sell their house to keep their business going.  Tin suggested that they move to the Philippines because she found out that she has a very solid reputation there because of her success at Fashion Week.  CJ belittles her saying that her reputation means nothing in running a business.  Tin answers back.  I’m glad to see that she is a bit more than just a “damsel in distress”.

But CJ makes it up to her by making her breakfast and brings out pictures to reminisce and talk about their memories as a couple.  Tin recognizes that CJ is the one who made her believe in herself which helped her succeed.  They look in love in this scene.  They make a promise to each other that no matter what happens, they will always have breakfast together.  Sweet.

In another twist, Caitlin makes an announcement that the Broadway show she is in will have a run in the Philippines.  It looks like Caitlin and Myra are heading to the Philippines.  Yikes.  Part of why Tin chose CJ was because she didn’t want to move her family.

The show ends with Lucia showing up at Macoy’s house unannounced.  It’s their first day of work.


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