Forget Tin and Joey. Marry me, Macoy!

May 6, 2016
Episode 50
Grade: A


Macoy and Joey are making out inside Joey’s car.  CJ and Tin saw this as they were walking out of the bar.  Tin is a bit teary-eyed and jealous.  Question.  Why is Macoy in the driver’s seat?  Blood-alcohol level doesn’t concern him? TNT?  Take a cab?

Meanwhile, Alvin and Stella are still on their proxy-date date.  I still find this storyline pointless.  Why is this here?????  Anyway, Stella misses Alex.  Alvin wants Stella to pretend he’s Alex.  I hate this plot.  It’s overdone and uninteresting.  Oh good Lord.  They even dance.

The make out session in Joey’s car continues.  CJ and Tin already left.  That’s when Macoy stopped the kissing.  It should be noted that Macoy was kissing back at first until he came to his senses.  Does this mean Macoy is slightly attracted to her?  We see Joey’s softer side as she cries when Macoy x-nayed her efforts.

The next day, Tin is back at the salon still upset over what she witnessed last night outside the bar.  To top it off, she lost that wedding gig she booked from yesterday’s episode.  She is also ignoring Macoy’s calls.


Joey and Macoy are at the restaurant closing the deal with the Filipino restaurant owners.  As they were leaving the restaurant, they talked about last night when Joey kissed Macoy.  Joey clarified that she likes Macoy but she also knows Macoy’s “heart is reserved for someone else”.  As much as I like this, I don’t think it ends there.

Accident girl recovered from her amnesia and remembered Macoy.  Macoy is now on the run.  Stressful background music to match.  So is that it for Macoy?  I wonder if they will take the show back to the Philippines now.

Joey misses Macoy.  She is frantically making calls to find him.

Caitlin misses Macoy.  She’s worried because Macoy hasn’t called for days.  She doesn’t think it’s because he’s busy.  Tin doesn’t think so either.  So she heads over to Bok’s house where apparently, Macoy decided to hide out.

Tin found out everything from Macoy.  She is very worried and upset.  Fortunately, at the height of Macoy’s crisis, CJ left for New Jersey freeing up Tin’s time.  She hangs out at Bok’s and helps out Macoy.  She even comforts him with the eye-hand-lips thing that Macoy usually uses on her to make her smile.

INS is very focused on finding Macoy.  They are now visiting all of Macoy’s friends and co-workers.  Wow.  Does that really happen?  Yikes.  This is much more unpleasant compared to Leah’s experience in “On the Wings of Love”.

I learned a new word.  Macoy said “tengga”.  I had to google it.  I guess it’s a Tagalog slang for “wasting time”.  See?  Educational.

Back at Bok’s apartment, Tin visits Macoy.  Joey followed her!  She knows where Macoy is now.  She knows everything now.  She asked Macoy to marry her … da-da-da!!

Final thoughts.  If Macoy ends up marrying Tin, this would make the love story conflict part shorter.  Tin would no longer have any struggle in the story.  I can’t imagine it too difficult to breakup with CJ.  Seriously, if you have a Macoy, you don’t need a CJ.  I don’t care how rich he is.  If Macoy ends up marrying Joey (which I doubt based on Christina Chalk’s instagram account — it appears she’s all over the Philippines and not really filming anymore), this would prolong the Tin/Macoy/Joey triangle which is pure torture for me who is waiting for two better things to happen:

  1. Witness the evil that Clodette has yet to unleash.  And;
  2. Revel in Macoy’s success in the United States as he promised his father.

There’s also that rumor a few months back that Macoy is actually Clodette’s son.  I find that interesting on how that will affect the Macoy/Tin/CJ triangle.  I hope they don’t make villain CJ similar to the Maja Salvador’s Margaux — her evil was all talk.  So easy to deal with.  Simply ignore her.   That’s what I would’ve done.  I hope CJ actually makes conflicts almost impossible to resolve as a true villain should.

Here’s to waiting for the next 10 weeks to unfold.   Not hoping for an extension but I’m really hoping for more Xian Lim teleseryes.

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