Series of Unfortunate Events Falls Upon Tin (But Not Macoy)

May 26, 2016
Episode 64
Grade: A

The show continues with Lucia showing up at Macoy’s house unannounced.  She explains that she is still hyper and her body clock hasn’t changed yet (she came from the US).  Macoy invites her in to look at some crafts from Palawan that his Nanay Aurora made with her students.  One of the things Macoy and Lucia have to figure out are businesses they would bring to Palawan.  They want to provide jobs so that the people will stay there and buy homes from Macoy’s Real Estate employer.

They look so cute together.  Lucia decided to nickname Macoy, Mr. Pogi.

Lucia meets Macoy’s family and they all immediately like her.  They invite her to lunch.

They learn more about Lucia during lunch.  She grew up in the US but she is very Filipino at heart.  She eats with her hands and she speaks Tagalog very well.

CJ finds Anikka’s business card among Tin’s stuff and he immediately goes ballistic.  He DOES NOT want to go to the Philippines.

Lucia takes Macoy to her MommyLola’s business.  Her business is basically there to provide jobs for people.  Lucia, being the hopeless romantic, talks about how some of the people that worked there actually ended up getting married and made her MommyLola their godmother.

Macoy dismisses the idea of working together with the person he loves.  He thinks that family, love and work should all be separate.  This is not the Macoy we know.  We know that he liked working with family and Tin in everything he does.  That is what Lucia believes as well.  It looks like they have a lot in common.

As Lucia is talking, Macoy stares at her and says, “beautiful”.  Lucia brightened up thinking Macoy was referring to her.  It turned out Macoy was looking at some fabric directly behind her.

The fabric is from Palawan.  It’s called Coconut fiber.  Lucia loves Palawan.  She says it’s “the place where love begins”.  She explained that her MommyLola and DaddyLolo met there as tourists and came home as lovers.  Macoy looks at her with clear interest but looks away as soon as he realized she noticed.

I have a business idea for the Filipinos.  Fabrics that don’t change color when you sweat.  See?

Capture3 Capture1 Capture2

CJ wants to do the “horizontal macarena” but Tin doesn’t.  She says she’s fertile.  CJ’s offended that she doesn’t want to have his baby.  They fight.  Again.

One of the most kilig scenes in the teleserye happens in the next scene at Lucia’s home.  Lucia and MommyLola are in the kitchen curling their hair.  MommyLola asks about Macoy.  Lucia describes him as the Perfect “M”.  Macoy.  Masipag (hard-working), Matangkad (tall), Mabait sa Pamilya (kind to his family), Magandang lalaki (handsome man).  She was deep into her fantasy that she didn’t realize DaddyLolo and Macoy walking in.  Macoy heard the whole thing.  MommyLola stands up and says, “he is handsome!” while Lucia hides behind her.  Very cute.

Macoy came by to show Lucia the designer’s portfolio.  He was invited to join them for dinner.

MommyLola tries to find out if Macoy is available.  DaddyLolo tells them that Macoy loves wholly but he might have left his heart in the US.  MommyLola asks if he’s ready for a “Second Chance”.  Macoy quickly answers no to Lucia’s dismay.

CJ and Tin are eating in their new home.  Looks like a very low-end apartment with unevently painted walls and broken doors.  They don’t speak to each other.

Myra and Caitlin visits Tin at a salon that is currently under repair.  I missed a step somewhere because I don’t know what the construction is all about.  They witness CJ being a jerk.  Caitlin is vocal about it but Tin shuts her up.

Myra decided to visit CJ later that day.  She noticed that Tin’s having a hard time and she urges him to treat her well.  CJ is insulted.


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