Tin’s Comeuppance

Episode 73


Tin ran outside away from Macoy and his new Lucia-maybe-love.  Tin decided it’s not time for her to see Macoy again and left the party.

Back home, she confided in Nanay Carmi.  Basically, Tin didn’t know what to say or how to act in front of Macoy.  She’s happy for Macoy because she now knows he has a good life.  Nanay Carmi tells her that Macoy is there because destiny thinks they should see each other again.  Her advice — leave it to destiny.

Lolo Pido, Macoy and Lucia come home engaging in drunken dancing.  I believe that when my heart is heavy and my brain is filled with problems, dance parties help lighten my load.

Music changed to a slow piano elevator music that I suspect Xian Lim actually played.  He brings his keyboard to the set.  Lucia and Macoy slow dance.  Sweet moment coming up.

Macoy tells Lucia she’s beautiful inside and out.  Lucia begs him to stop joking around but Macoy swears that he means it.  Lucia is falling fast.  Lucia said she’s surprised that Macoy appreciates her eventhough she’s a total goofball around him.  Macoy’s response:  “more than appreciated; you’re the wind beneath my wings”.

Yes, this is my most hated song of all time.  They used to play this on the radio ad nausea.  My mom used to sing it.  My whole family used to sing it.  I. hate. it.

Lucia decided to go to sleep.  She couldn’t handle it.  Macoy yelled out, “walang good night?” (no goodnight?”.  I think it was supposed to be “no good night kiss?” but they clearly cut it off.  Maybe so that Macoy doesn’t sound hammered.

I’ll skip the Lucia soliloquy.  But Lucia is having a hard time with all this.

Macoy, on the other hand, lay awake in bed thinking about their El Nido project and Lucia.  He and Lolo Pido are sober now.

Macoy confides in Lolo Pido that he is noticing how beautiful Lucia is.  Lucia makes him laugh and makes him happy.  Albeit, he’s a little dubious.  He doesn’t want what happened with Tin to happen again.  Lolo Pido advices him to “go for it”.  That is, if there’s no one else in his heart.  Lolo Pido imparts some pretty good words of wisdom.   Tin is not Lucia.  Lucia is not Tin.  The Macoy that loved Tin is different from the Macoy that loves Lucia.

It’s day time now and Tin is at Carmi’s resort.  Mr. Perez shows up mistaking Tin for Tin Magalang (instead of Manalo).  This means Macoy won’t know it’s Tin until they’re face-to-face since Mr. Perez is not smarter than the average bear.  Mr. Perez invites Tin to be a part of Macoy’s project.  He wants Tin to teach locals hair styling.  Tin found out Macoy has no idea that she is in Palawan.

Lucia calls MommyLola for some advice.  MommyLola’s advice:  carpe diem.  Yay, MommyLola!

Lolo Pido and Lucia scheme to get rid of Macoy.  Lucia has plans.  It looks like she’s going to follow MommyLola’s advice.  She leaves a note for Macoy to meet her by the shore.

Tin is brooding over the decision to help in Macoy’s project.  She says if she helps, it will help Macoy get a grant.   I’m guessing the grant needed is for building the access roads to Palawan.  Tin wants to do it to help Macoy fulfill his dreams.  I’m not convinced hair styling business is the only answer but Tin is feeling heroic.

Outside, Mr. Perez is waiting.  Seriously, he’s standing there nervously waiting for Tin to come out with signed papers.  This is the least busy C.O.O. I’ve ever seen.  Tin comes out and gives him the papers.  He gets Tin’s last name wrong again.  Mr. Perez is arranging for Macoy and Tin to meet.

Mr. Perez tries to convince Macoy to meet with Tin right away.  Lolo Pido tries to convince Macoy to see Lucia right away.  So tomorrow, we’ll see who destiny picks.





Tomorrow’s title is #TSOUHawakKamay.  So, here’s a bit of prediction:

Remember this very first scene on the pilot episode?

Capture2 capture-4-800x445

Macoy’s always been chasing tin — love and dreams.  When Macoy reached square 1 in Palawan and has traveled the full circle, he has someone else alongside him, a partner.  That would be Lucia.  I think that is what the title is all about.  Finding the person you can walk with “hand in hand” in life’s journey.

Admittedly, I’m hit or miss on these hashtag predictions but this is my take on it.  Also, the titles mostly refer to both Tin and Macoy — most of the time in different situations.  So this title will definitely mean something for Tin as well.

This show will end with Macoy and Tin finally reaching the same place in their lives — happily married with successful careers.  Whether their journey will be separate or together is unknown.





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