You win again, gravity!  Kapit kapit lang.

February 29, 2016
Pilot Episode
Grade:  A

ABS-CBN credits with El Nido in the backdrop.  Nice bird’s view of Macoy (Xian Lim) walking across town.   Tin (Kim Chiu) sees him and they hold hands.  A longing stare from Macoy to Tin showing he is deeply in love.  Damn!  He’s really hot.  I’m not a fan of sleeveless shirts on men.  I don’t care how cut they are.   I don’t like seeing armpits.  Sigh.  Tin smiles back.  Full dimples showing.  She’s cute.

A little side note on Macoy “hunk-o-burnin-love” Sandoval — it looks like he got a tan to look like an island boy for this show.  He is also extra buff.   I like actors who commit themselves to their roles.  He also has a strong Filipino accent on this show.  He looks and acts very probinsyano.  He is wide-eyed and not as good looking but I think it’s all for the role.  Mad props, home boy! (yes, I’m from California too thus making him my home boy)

Tin challenges him to a race.  Apparently, the legs of a 6’2” male cannot outrun those of a 5’5” female.   But okay.  I’ll bite.  I think this is more symbolic than anything else.  As they run, Macoy makes several attempts to reach out to her and touch her but to no avail.  My guess is that this is foreshadowing of events that will happen in the show.  I’m excited.  I think the plot will be well thought out.

More running.  More giggling.  Finally, they reach the end of a cliff.

Macoy asks Tin, “hanggang kalian ba kita hahabulin? Hanggang kalian ka ba mauuna sa akin.”  (How long will I have to chase you?  How long will you stay ahead of me?)  More foreshadowing.  The Story of Us, I think, will be about Macoy always trying to make Tin happy.  Tin, on the other hand, would have her own skills that will make her difficult to catch up to.  We’ll see.

They jump off a cliff into the ocean.  Oh Philippines!  You are beautiful!  Stunning back drop.

Scene says we’re now back to 1999.  17 years ago.  The kids that play young Tin and young Macoy look like they’re about 10.  So this story is told when they’re around 27.  Hmmm … a little bit early to be telling their story but okay … we’ll see where they take us.  Maybe this story is told around their wedding day?

Young Tin arrives at El Nido with her father (not named yet) and stepmother, Carmie.   Tin is carrying a Mickey Mouse doll.

Tin sees kids playing “Tumbang Preso” (Tumbang preso is a game consisting of a dented can and flipflops of all the players.  Somebody guards the can as the rest attempt to knock it down using their flipflops.  They can’t be too close to the “guardian of the can” or they can be tagged.  I’m not sure what happens if the can gets knocked down)  Tin correctly predicts that the kid will hit the can.  Father compliments her that she has the “tongue of an angel” which I take to mean that she can prophesy.  Tin explains that it’s because the kid had a birthmark on his face which means that he is a sharp shooter.  Tin will be a fortune teller?  I hope not.

Carmy’s friend, Gloria, screams like an banshee on heroin excited to see her.  She notices Tin is very beautiful.  Carmy doesn’t look like she likes this compliment.  Then, she compliments Carmy’s handsome husband.  Gloria, you flirtatious slut!

Carmy’s stomach starts to hurt.  They take her to the hospital.  They are worried that they cannot afford the bills if the baby comes early.  Tin’s father promises he will find a way.

Cut to young Macoy.  He is in a declamation contest.  Wow! I remember those when I was in elementary school in the Philippines.  I used to join those.  I did “Annabel Lee” by Edgar Allan Poe in 2nd Grade.  But I won as a crazy lady looking for my children, “Basilio! Crispin!” in the 3rd grade.  Good times.

Macoy shows signs of being a future politician.  I wonder if that’s why he is named Macoy.  I believe that was Marcos’ nickname also.  Marcos was also very good at speeches and debates.  Marcos was also a chinito.  We’ll see.  Young Macoy is very cute.  He looks a bit middle-eastern.

Oh look at that.  Macoy wants to someday be the President of the Philippines.

So my predictions so far?  Kim, a future fortune teller or extremely superstitious woman and Macoy, the future president of the Philippines.

Macoy shows off his gold medal to his grandfather.  I like his grandfather.  He reminds me of “Blue” in one of them Adam Sandler movies.  Jovial rhythm in the background.  Supposedly a funny scene.  It’s effective.  It lightened my mood.

Macoy looks for his father to show his medal.  His father was drinking with his buddies in the middle of the day.  Everybody compliments Macoy.  A bit of history is revealed.  Macoy’s dad used to be just like him.  He had aspirations of improving their town.  I guess this is what one can turn out to be if their dreams are broken.   Will Macoy’s?

Macoy walks to the same cliff present-day Macoy and Tin ran to in the intro earlier.  He’s crying because of his father’s remarks.  He holds his medal tightly in a fist.  He swears (or hopes) that his father will someday notice all his hard work.  He jumps!

Tin is running along the shore with his father.  His father comments that she is fast.

They have a short chat and we learn that Tin’s father is leaving them temporarily to find a living for their family.  We also learn that Tin’s biological mother left them but they are expecting her back.  Finally, we learn that Tin’s new baby brother has down syndrome.  His father explains it is nothing and that it only means he is special and will need extra attention from them.

Tin’s father leaves and Tin races after his boat calling after him.  We all know this is futile but apparently it has to be done.  Ah!  Macoy is at the cliff.  I see what the writers did there.

They meet.

Macoy tells her that she couldn’t be heard.  Her father is too far.  Tin turns and they exchange a look as if they immediately fell in love.  Slow motion …

Slow motion stopped.  Smiles faded and they decided to be mean to each other instead.  Oooh.  Sexual tension at a young age.

Macoy claims Tin is standing on his territory but Tin refuses to acknowledge it. Macoy shows Tin his name etched on a rock and that’s how this became his territory.  Oh Macoy!  We all know you do not mark a territory that way!  Take a piss!

A boy calls Macoy informing him that his dad is in some kind of trouble again .  They run off.  Macoy is sporting a knife on his waste.  Why?  He’s the only one I noticed with a knife.  Maybe, this is for fishing without nets.  Manly man!  Me Macoy!  Me use knife to kill fish!  Me only use bare hands!

Back at home, someone is claiming Macoy’s family boat because of the money Macoy’s family owes.  Fishermen without a boat to fish with.  Macoy realizes this would be a challenge.  Duh.  Macoy begs the collector to give them one more week.  Again, this shows Macoy as a politician and negotiator.  He can easily influence people as the collector agrees to grant them one more week.

Back at Tins’s house.  Tin is talking to her baby brother about the U.S. and bio-mom.  Carmen overhears and cuts the conversation short.

Back at Macoy’s, we see his father watching a father/son working by a boat.  He looks like he’s realizing that he is a bad father.

Macoy is talking to a friend about finding a job so he can provide for his family.

El Nido rock formation shots! Beautiful!

Macoy’s new job is finding a certain plant.  Macoy does it the hard way so he doesn’t break his flipflops.  Something tells me it’s a dumb move.

Yup.  He just cut his foot and is unable to continue working.  Dumb.

Macoy goes back to Macoy’s Cliff.  He walked all the way there with his bleeding foot instead of going home to wash it.  This doesn’t make sense.

Oh! Tin is there!  Okay.  I see why the script took him there.

They fight.

Macoy traces a box around her feet on the sand.  He tells her she cannot leave the box.

Macoy thinks Tin has a crush on him that’s why she keeps coming back.

Tin left her box and Macoy looks for her only to find her sitting on his other side.

He accidentally pushes her to the ground.

She scabbed her knees.  Macoy looks like he feels terrible but didn’t want to let Tin know about it.   He limps away from her.

Tin is now back home cleaning her wounds.

She takes out a picture of her parents.  She remembers how her mother used to take care of her wounds.    We see that Tin’s mom also believes in superstitions about moles and birthmarks.

Macoy at home talks to his grandfather about his mother because one of his dad’s friends made a comment that Macoy is like his mother in some ways.  Grandfather “Blue” jokingly says that he got his intelligence from his mother but he got his good looks from his grandfather.  Macoy tells him that according to his father he got his good looks from him.  Grandfather claims that Macoy’s father is a liar. My boy “Blue” is funny.

Macoy is now playing Tumbang Preso and sees Tin from a distance.  He targeted Tin with his flipflops as she got closer.  Not to be had, Tin decided to pick up his sandal and throw it into the ocean.  Macoy walks off clearly upset and still limping.

Next day at school, Tin sees Macoy walking with makeshift shoes and limping to class.  She calls him and asks him why he doesn’t just replace it.

Macoy says “they’re quits”. He pushed her and she threw his flipflops.  He asks Tin not to show herself again.

Tin and her stepmother picks up medicine for her baby brother.  It looks like they have no money for medicine.

The next morning, Tin woke up early to find people diving for snails at the seashore.  Tin joins them and sells all her catch that day.

She tried to buy flipflops for Macoy but couldn’t afford it.  As she walks away, a foreign looking kid calls to her and offers his old flipflops (he was buying a new one).  I think this kid is a future character in the show.  It might be the kid Tin will meet in the US that I saw in teaser trailers.  Young Bryan Santos.

Tin finds Macoy at the cliff.  She offered new sandals and to clean his wounds for him so it won’t be infected.  Macoy politely says thank you but refuses.  As they walk away, Macoy slipped and started sliding.  Tin catches him but couldn’t hold on.  Tin finally slid down.  This time, Macoy caught her.  Tin was unable to hold on and she slid,  She fell into the ocean.  Damn gravity!  You win again!

Macoy jumps after her and saves her.  He carries her to the shore and attempted to revive her.  Tin wakes up scared and crying, she held Macoy tightly in an embrace.

So there.  They saved each other many times in the last 5 minutes.  A friendship is formed.


Grade A because this is a “Must-Watch”.  Pilot episodes should never be missed.

The One Where They Meet

Tin moves to Palawan and meets Macoy.  They sealed their friendship with Macoy and Tin saving each other’s lives.

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